Rotary Pancake Breakfast

June 30, 2023

Results: 6.29.23

The Schenectady East Rotary Club delivered a check yesterday in the amount of $1603, raised at the Pancake Breakfast! Our heartfelt thanks to this kind and hard-working group of people for raising this money to benefit our students and families!

A Visit to Crossroads: 5.31.23

We are incredibly grateful to the East Schenectady Rotary Club for visiting us today and for their generous efforts in organizing the delightful pancake breakfast (read below). Their dedication and unwavering commitment to supporting education and community development have truly made a difference. After a meeting, and a tour, the club members posed with us for a picture this morning.  The funds raised through their incredible event will help with operational costs of running our year-long program. Their selfless actions have not only provided us with a scrumptious breakfast but have also contributed to enhancing our school’s resources and opportunities, and we extend our deepest appreciation to the East Schenectady Rotary Club for their invaluable support, which will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the lives of the students and the entire school community.


Outcomes: 4/3/23

Thank you to each and every person who helped with yesterday’s Pancake Breakfast, hosted by the E.Schenectady Rotary, and benefiting Crossroads. Whether you attended, volunteered, or even shared our posts, you were helping to raise funds for our organization, and we appreciate you!
❤️ As well, thank you to all of you who attended, sold tickets, and shared posts! A special thanks to the Rotary for all of their hard work, and to Laura S., Melissa R., Hudson, Michelle S. Alex for volunteering. It was busy, successful and fun. 
🎆 🎉 Congratulations to Room 1 for winning the $50 Visa Gift card, selling 21 tickets and raising $246. To the long table with the guys with beards – you all were so great!!

 Tickets are available!

Volunteers are also needed. Contact Vicki at the email above to sign up!

Many thanks to the Schenectady East Rotary for choosing Crossroads to benefit this year with their annual pancake breakfast!

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