Room 7's Campfire Kids

August 11, 2017
Room 7 ‘s Campfire Theme wove together a tapestry of activities involving art, music, literacy, numeration, and healthy food skills, for learning and fun.

Teachers and therapists have worked hard all year at introducing  new healthy foods to their class each week, incorporating exciting themes, individualized and group strategies, and activities of interest to their particular crew of students and have had so much success and growth over time.

Here, Ms. Deanna’s students enjoy a campfire! They’ve done campfire art, campfire music, campfire books, and letters and numbers, and a campfire snack they’ve made with a cracker topped with cheese, pretzel stick logs, and grapes.

It wasn’t long ago that the mere presence of any food at all in the room would trigger a tantrum for more than one student, or that crying and “bye bye” were typical for another. But now, everyone engages, even if it is a little bite of one thing on the plate. One little one will now lick everything – a huge gain in tolerance – and we are so proud!

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