Room 3 is Lovin' the Letters!

August 02, 2017

Question – What do an alligator, a duck, and a fox have in common?

Answer – they are all animals that begin with a letter and sound that Room 3 has used in their theme this summer.

Room 3 has been integrating learning their letters with animals or things that start with that letter’s sound.

Their artistic creations help them target literacy skills, of course, and there are also fine motor experiences and opportunities to develop their capabilities with following directions, turn-taking, counting out objects such as one tongue, two eyes, eight legs.

There hallway is colorful and bright, and they are up to P! Super work, Room 3!

Do Room 3’s lovely letters delight you? Click here to see how you can get  involved!

Making Great Marks in OTThank you all for a great event!