Room 1's Leaf Rubbing Project

October 17, 2017

 A really fun activity for children in Fall is leaf rubbings!

It’s a great way for kids to see cause and effect, and also to talk about colors.

Science and the environment is tied in, also, as well as exploring different textures and using art supplies in new ways.

If you’ve never done leaf rubbings, here’s how: First get some fresh, flexible, Fall leaves. Pick a few of the leaves and put a piece of paper on top of them. Take a crayon’s paper off and lay it down to rub across the paper over the leaves – you’re coloring with the sides of the crayon rather than the end. As you color the veins and shape of the leaves will appear!

Room 1 also incorporated colors in with a Pete the Cat book on CD, as well as other exciting ways to engage and learn.

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