Room 11's Fruit Pizza

August 31, 2017

Q. What’s purple and blue, green and red, yellow and orange? Oh, and very yummy.

A. Fruit Pizza!


The last week of summer session, Room 11 made this delicacy as a Healthy Food Program activity.

It sure looks like it was enjoyed by all, even though at the beginning of the school year, more than a few of the students in the room would have resisted this food compilation for various reasons. Persistence, repetition and small steps towards goals has led to great success.

Excellent job, Room 11!

We remain eternally grateful to The Schenectady Foundation for the grant that allows us to run this wonderful program and help target eating difficulties here at Crossroads.

Want to see something else about the Healthy Food Program? Here are a couple (of many) from the past year!


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