Remembrance Fund

June 13, 2022

A new Remembrance Fund for Crossroads will breathe life into the future of our organization.


It is hard to say goodbye to a friend or loved one. We are coming up to a year since we said farewell to our friend Ed Davis.

To those who made a donation then to remember Ed through our school, we want YOU to know about something new here at Crossroads. With lots of input from Kathleen, Ed’s wife and our coworker, and with approval from our board of trustees, we are opening an account to become a fund to save for the future. It will be opened with the amount of the donations that came in memory of Ed, and will be offered as an option to any donors in memory of their loved one going forward. The money that goes in will be saved for use for emergency or urgent situations, and will build slowly in interest over time. Because life continues, and we want it to be good for the next generation.

Your donation, given so kindly in a spirit of helping the school, will always be appreciated.

It is important that the fund is named in a way that others in the future will find it appealing. People often donate to their favorite nonprofit at times of death, and we’ve always used those donations to keep the lights on so to speak. Now, because of those who loved Ed, we’ll be able to offer them an option of helping today, or helping the future of Crossroads. You’ll want to know that the idea was generated with Kathleen’s input, and the name was chosen by her.

And now, this option is available to anyone wanting to donate to Crossroads in memory of a loved one. What a beautiful way to breathe life into the future, and remember the past.

Please reach out to with any questions, or to honor your loved one in this way.

Thank you for your consideration, and with sympathy for your loss.

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