Students and reinforcers, it's an individualized thing

September 12, 2023

A Symphony of Individualized Reinforcers | 9.12.23

In the vibrant world of Crossroads Center for Children, the journey of learning is not just guided by knowledge; it’s powered by the allure of individualized reinforcers. Imagine entering a classroom where every child’s passion and motivation are carefully nurtured to unlock their potential.

In one classroom, a visit to the mesmerizing fish tank. Take “J,” for instance, who picked visiting the fish as his reward after a fantastic work session. With big smiles and deep concern for the finned friends, he feeds the fish, adorns their habitat with colorful shells and rocks, and delights in the bright colors of the male guppies’ tails. But it’s the baby fish that truly steal his heart, and his joyful exclamation is a testament to the power of individualized reinforcers.

In another classroom, “B” discovers the beauty of communication. With unwavering support from her teacher, she learns that using words to express her desires is not only effective but immensely rewarding. When she politely requests “horsie, please,” her wish is granted with a delightful ride, reinforcing the value of positive communication. As a token of her gratitude, she plants a sweet kiss on her teacher’s cheek, showcasing the affectionate side of learning at Crossroads.

For some students, running is on the menu. We witness the joy of “E,” a student who revels in the exhilaration of running. Through carefully tailored rewards, he gets to sprint alongside a team member, his face lit with sheer delight.

From fish to imaginative creations and preferred activities, Crossroads leaves no stone unturned in discovering what makes each child’s heart sing. It’s a testament to the staff’s commitment to individualized education, where the path to progress is paved with personalized approaches, and every child’s journey is celebrated.

So, next time you find yourself looking forward to that relaxing evening or well-deserved treat, remember the power of reinforcement in shaping behavior and skills. Just as adults savor their moments of indulgence, the children at Crossroads Center for Children cherish their carefully chosen reinforcers on their path to success.

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