Regeneron brings a Day for Doing Good to children at Crossroads.

December 21, 2020

12.21.2020 We LOVE the Sensory Kits! Thank you again, Regeneron!

10.27.2020 Regeneron’s Day for Doing Good is happening again this year!

We’re so thankful to be chosen by Regeneron again this year, for their Day for Doing Good! They are making some wonderful sensory kits for our classrooms, led by Carly Fuhrman via a virtual platform. The kits will be given to Crossroads and we’ll be able to update this blog-spot with pictures for our readers.

We treasure our relationships with our community, and are grateful to Regeneron for offering our students opportunities to work with the sciences, and interact with different people. Thank you, Regeneron!

11.11.2020 Here’s what they made for our students! These are absolutely wonderful! Our learners will LOVE these!

10.25.2019 We were so thrilled to have Regeneron employees here today, bringing science and doing good!

The group included about 15 Regeneron employees, here for their annual Day for Doing Good.

Regeneron staff members today implemented several STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities in some of the classrooms here. Our students had a wonderful time with exposure to new people and exciting learning activities.

Room 5 made cereal bird feeders, florescent slime, and exploding mountains! One student told us that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, and that his grandfather is a scientist. The students each received a sling back-pack, a lab coat and a set of experiment goggles.











School age students also participated!

       Some of our visitors also completed organizational projects today at the school! This “before” picture is one reason they wanted to help us by installing new shelving and putting items in an organized and tidy manner!

   We’re so thankful to the Regeneron folks for coming in today! A special thank you to Arielle Pitcher for organizing this day for us!

10.18.19 We’re excited to welcome employees from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals to Crossroads Center for Children.

Students at Crossroads Center for Children will be participating in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities during the school day on Friday, October 25, 2019. These activities will provide students with fun, hands-on opportunities to explore grade-appropriate science lessons, and will be led by volunteers from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals as part of the company’s annual Days for Doing Good program.

There are several projects on site that these visitors also have planned.

Check back here following this special day to see pictures.

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