Recycling Bottles and Cans for curricular fund

October 09, 2018

We have recently opened an account with Green Bottle Redemption Center

at 1809 Altamont Ave. Rotterdam, (518) 265-1420. Thank you to Kathy Desbiens, our new Assistant Bookkeeper for taking time out of her very busy day to go and set that up for the school!
For some time we have had an account at their parent store in Glenville, Creating Change Redemption Center  is located at 309 Saratoga Rd. Glenville, (518) 265-1420.
Bottles and cans can be easily dropped off at either location! Just tell them, “These are for Crossroads Center for Children,” and you’re free to go! They will tally them and add the refund amount to our account. Please be sure to say our full name as there are several other organizations with similar names.
Monies raised with bottle and can returns go to the curricular fund, and helps the classrooms obtain supplies and materials that arise throughout the year for Learning Without Tears, Touch Math and other curricular programs that are being incorporated at the school.
Communication matters!Circle Time is a favorite time!