November 15, 2021

11.15.2021 CLYNK to Give

Thank you to all of you who participate in our CLYNK to Give program! We received a check for $110.50 this week, all money that will go to supplies and services for our kiddos.

Keep up the great drinkin’ and clynkin’!


8.16.2021 Gratitude for CLYNK to Give!

We’ve received a check from CLYNK To Give today, in the amount of $284.04. With the help of all of you who return bottles in CLYNK bags with our labels on, or who toss their cans in our containers here at the school, gratitude in multitude for your efforts!

Remember to CLYNK when you DRINK! Bags are available in our front office, or on request.

5.5.2021 Another round of CLYNK THANKS!

Today we received a check for $343.31 from the CLYNK To Give program, representing the bags all of YOU turned in during the School Challenge! This more than doubles what we did last year during the same challenge.

THANK YOU! This is important money in gaining technology tools and pathways for our current teaching and therapy needs, and we are so very grateful for all of the enthusiastic help we get!

Don’t forget, we CLYNK all year here, so let us know if you need bags!


CLYNK for Schools Challenge$ Wrap Up, from Diane Gardner,  CLYNK Customer Support

“Your students, families, staff and YOU are amazing. 

Working together our schools recycled enough cans and bottles to fill over 10,000 lobster traps!  Emissions saved equal to driving over 313,000 miles in a car and enough energy was saved to light 1650 light bulbs 24 hours a day for a year.  Amazing!

Encourage your families to commit to recycling and CLYNK year-round.  Together we all make a difference for our schools and our environment.

Mark your calendars:  The next CLYNK for Schools Challenge$ will be January 17 thru March 14, 2022.

The CLYNK for Schools Challenge$ Leaderboard

  • Results are FINAL!
  • Leaderboard totals do not include matching funds earned
  • Leaderboard totals include each group’s redemption activity plus donations assigned from family CLYNK accounts.

Top groups in Maine and in New York will earn additional cash prizes.

  • $1,500 for the TOP school in each state and $1,000 to the 2nd school in each state
  • Plus a $500 Spirit Prize will be awarded to one school in each state who reflected the spirit of Environmental Heroes

CLYNK matches $.50 for each $1 earned up to $20,000 total.

Funds earned and awarded will be paid out to each school by April 19th.

  • Complete and return the ACH form attached to receive electronic payment for the Challenge$ and future CLYNK funds earned.  Electronic payments will be processed April 19th
  • For all other schools, payment will be made by check April 16th
  • Challenge$ Cash Prizes will be paid by check on April 16th

That’s the sound of success for your school and your community.             

3.29.2021 THANKS, CLYNKers!

To everyone who scanned and dropped filled bags at their Hannaford, tossed a can or bottle into our bags or containers, or got their friends and family involved in the CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge, thank you so much for your help and school spirit! While we won’t know how we did for some time, we will update you right here as soon as we do hear! We appreciate all of your efforts!

1.18.21 Keep up the CLYNKing!   

Crossroads Center for Children is participating in the CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge$. We want to bring MANY Crossroads labeled bags full into any Hannaford store, scan the labels, and drop them in to raise funds for the school.

The CLYNK for Schools Challenge$ 2021 runs from February 1 through March 31.   

Funds raised through CLYNK during this time period will be matched $.50 to the $1 up to $20,000.


3.8.21  Recycling… Together we make a big difference.

As Stewards of the Environment, we are responsible for preserving and protecting resources for ourselves and for future generations.  Recycling is an important way to preserve natural resources, save energy, reduce waste and protect our water system. When you CLYNK plastic, glass and aluminum containers are saved from landfills and recycled into new products and uses. Plastic bottles can be made into t-shirts, sweaters, fleece jackets, sleeping bags, carpeting and more bottles.  It takes about 10 plastic bottles to make a cool new t-shirt.  Recycled glass containers are made into astroturf for sports fields, countertops, insulation, water filters, and many other useful products.  Aluminum cans become new cans, car parts, or window frames. When we CYNK we save these containers from forever clogging a landfill and give the materials a new purpose. So far with the CLYNK for Schools Challenge$… Your school and others have together raised over $26,000 and Recycled enough bottles and cans to fill 2762 lobster traps Saved energy to power 420 light bulbs  24 hours a day for a whole year Eliminated car emissions equal to driving 80,000 miles. You are amazing!

— Diane Gardner

Post stories and pictures #CLYNKforSchoolsChallenge2021 #LookCrossroads

3.4.21 Here’s how we CLYNK.

2.23.21 Keep up the great CLYNKING! 

Crossroads is in 8th place in the challenge! Keep it up, CLYNKers!

And… post pictures using the tags #LookCrossroads #CLYNKforSchoolsChallenge2021


2.4.21 Thank you, CLYNKers!

We’ve just received our quarterly payout from CLYNK and have the highest check amount so far – $201.79! Many thanks to all who recycle their bottles and cans on our behalf!

Remember to pick up our labeled bags at the school! Or, you can use your own CLYNK bags and designate your earnings to Crossroads online by logging into your account at and choosing Crossroads Center for Children in the search bar.

1.29.21 Ready, Set, Wait until Monday, and GO!

Crossroads Center for Children will participate in the CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge$. Let’s bring as many Crossroads labeled bags full into any Hannaford store, scan the labels, and drop them in to raise funds for the school.

The CLYNK for Schools Challenge$ 2021 runs from February 1 through March 31.   

Funds raised through CLYNK during this time period will be matched $.50 to the $1 up to $20,000.

1.11.21 Join the Clynk Challenge!

Again this year, Crossroads Center for Children will participate in the CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge$.

  • The CLYNK for Schools Challenge$ 2021 will run from February 1 through March 31.   
  • Funds raised through CLYNK bottle and can redemption will be matched $.50 to the $1 up to $20,000.
  • Three cash prizes will be awarded in each Maine and New York.  The top two schools in each state will earn prize money ($1,500 and $1,000) plus there will be an additional Spirit Award ($500).

So start drinking so we can make money CLYNKing! Help us turn in the most bags between 2/1 and 3/31 and help us share the Crossroads spirit! Send your pictures and experiences to!

12.8.2020 A real-life CLYNK lesson.

We recycle our bottles and cans through CLYNK here, and have for a long while. It’s something that even our littlest kiddos can learn to do, as shown here in this video:

Please email if you’d like one of our labeled CLYNK bags to collect bottles and cans on our behalf. 

11.17.2020 Crossroads is CLYNK famous!

Well, maybe not FAMOUS, but we’re in a very cool video.
Remember last February, when the team from CLYNK came and interviewed and recorded here at Crossroads? (If not, just scroll down for the back story). The video they created is here, and we are super tickled!

10.26.2020 Thank you CLYNKers!

We have $131.90 on the way! We have so many new expenses as we keep our students and staff safe and healthy, and this money will make a difference. Please keep up the great work!


A friendly reminder that we need you to CLYNK for us!

We have bags with our labels at the front desk; we’ll happily send some home in a backpack, or stick one in the mail for you. Then all you have to do is fill it up with your bottles and cans, and take your bag to any  Hannaford. Tie it up tight, bring it to the CLYNK door, scan the label until it beeps, and drop the bag inside. 

If you’re in the building, please put your empties into the CLYNK boxes – there’s one in the front entrance and one in the staff room.


Scroll down for our CLYNK history!


Another jazzy shout out to our CLYNK to Give friends! $71.85 is on it’s way to Crossroads because of this recycling program! Please let us know if you need our labeled bags – we can send them home via backpacks, or mail one out to you.

5.6.2020 Many thanks to everyone at CLYNK to Give and to our amazing supporters for recycling through this program to help our school. Here’s an excerpt from the letter going out to them today for the check that came this week.

THANK YOU! What you are doing to make the world a brighter place for today and tomorrow is so remarkable. We are continually impressed by your team’s work towards recycling and helping nonprofits at the same time. Our school community has embraced the CLYNK recycling program and the funds from this program have increased from one payout period to the next.
We received your check this week, and in addition to our supporters’ contributions, it contains the school challenge money, which was also appreciated more than words can ever say.
Now more than ever, Crossroads relies on revenue that comes from donations, grants and fundraising activities such as this one. The covid-19 situation has us operating from a distance with our students and this has been a tough time for our school, both operationally and financially.
Keep up the great work, everyone! We appreciate you!

4.30.2020 Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for all of the awesome CLYNKING you are doing on behalf of Crossroads. We have received another statement from CLYNK to Give, and have a $127.83 check on the way from all of your bags, bottles and cans. This includes $43.93 that was matched during the CLYNK for Schools Match back in March, as well as two online donations to the fund!
So keep that great recycling going! Remember to tie something to the bag to indicate that is 3-Days Safe!
If you’d like a labeled bag mailed to you, please email


We’re sorry to say that we’ve heard again from Jenna at CLYNK, that the launch plan for the Change Stories has been pushed back due to some other unrelated factors they’re working on. She will alert us when she knows more about an updated launch plan, but for now it looks like it’s going to be later spring/early summer. When we know, we will update our readers. Thanks for your support! Keep CLYNKING!

3.27.2020 THINK CLYNK series is launched!

Our friends at CLYNK shared their launch with us yesterday of the Think Clynk series. For those who don’t recall, a CLYNK team came to visit us in the beginning of February, interviewed Kelly Young and Vicki Ramotar, and recorded some of the children and the school environment at Crossroads. Read below to catch up as needed!

The series introduction was posted yesterday on Facebook and You Tube; the links to both are below as well as the series schedule! 

The first post to FB:
The introduction piece on YouTube:
Here is the schedule of debut dates for each story:
    • March 26: Series Intro video
    • March 28: The Poland’s Big Upgrade
    • April 2- Nina and the Wayward Tag
    • April 8- Project Confidence
    • April 15- Hospital Heroes
    • April 22 (Earth Day) Hannah Helps Out
    • April 29: Martin & Lulu
    • May 6- Miracle Baby
    • May 13- Change for Crossroads
    • May 20- Fun Dunk Compilation Video (Finale)
We’re so proud to be included in this awesome series, and thankful to have the opportunity to share our CLYNK story,


We heard from our contact at CLYNK yesterday, that they are asking for all recyclers that once a bag is full, please tie it, and attach some sort of ribbon or string to the ties. Then WAIT for 3 DAYS before dropping it off. It is an added safety feature for their employees, who will see the ribbon and know that the bag has not had any new bottles exposing it to the COVID-19 virus. Please click the link to learn more!

3.10.20 CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge update

With just 10 days to go until the end of the CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge, we are so proud of our community for the great support! Thanks to one of our parents who dropped off 2 full bags yesterday for us, and to our many staff members and students for Clynking all week long! We brought 3 full bags to the Glenville Hannaford yesterday evening, and have over a week to keep collecting! Thanks everyone!

PS – In addition to donating bottles & cans, you can also donate money from your personal CLYNK account. Here’s how:

2.13.20 We have some exciting news!

CLYNK has added Crossroads Center for Children to the list of participating CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge schools for this year. It’s happening now through March 20, 2020. All funds we raise between now and then will be matched .50 for every $1 by Hannaford Supermarkets!

This is a challenge that CLYNK has run for the last 8 years, but for us it is something brand new!

You can find the rules, tips, and updates on the webpage here, along with a link to the leaderboard that updates each day on the CLYNK website.

All schools in Maine and New York that participate receive the match, so make sure you alert anyone that helps your CLYNK fundraising knows their bags will be extra valuable these next six weeks!

There are also additional awards for top fundraising schools in both Maine and NY, as well as two Champions of Change awards based on enthusiasm and school spirit, as determined by CLYNK. Winners will be announced in April to coincide with Earth Day and promote it widely through press releases and social media.

“You’re doing such great work out there. I’m excited to be able to help make your CLYNK funds go further!” says Jenna, our CLYNK contact!


This past Thursday, Kelly and Vicki were interviewed and filmed by a team, Jenna, Nick and Nick, who came all the way from Portland, Maine to get the story of Crossroads! (See the post below). The local CLYNK office is located in Glenville in the industrial park on Scotia’s Rt. 5. Talking about how CLYNK has been helping us with fundraising for over a year, the history of the school and the mission and work that Crossroads does took over an hour!

Bright and early the following morning, Jenna and the 2 Nicks came to the school to get some pictures on site. Although they were with us at the school for almost 2 hours, the actual final product will be about 2 minutes, they said. Some children from our morning daycare were present and enjoyed being part of this special feature! Some pictures that WE took during this adventure are here, and we’ll be sure to update this post when we hear from Jenna about what they’ve created and where it’s published so that we can share it with you.

This was such a great opportunity for Crossroads, giving us a platform to showcase our school and its importance in our community. We enjoy the CLYNK program because it is easy to do and raises funds that continually help towards the many expenses that we incur. It’s a way to help our environment by recycling and help our school, and at the same time, our employees, parents, board and students are all able to contribute to our fund development because its so simple to do. To boot, CLYNKing from afar is possible because of the CLYNK to GIVE option. We’re grateful to have been featured and to the fine work of Jenna, Nick and Nick, who, additionally, were very warm, engaging, fun and helpful as we worked through this project.

A bonus this day was receiving a new disbursal check of $65.40 so thanks to everyone who’s been helping!

PS – With Superbowl Sunday being tomorrow, we ask that you remember to recycle those bottles and cans for Crossroads, and CLYNK when you drink. If you don’t have one of our labeled bags, you are welcome to drop your own bags at the school and we’ll take care from there. THANKS!

1.13.2020 How exciting! We are going to be filmed by CLYNK at the end of this month! 

We were invited to share our story a while back, and of the many responses they received, ours was chosen for being quite inspiring. Crossroads Executive Director, Kelly Young, and Development Specialist, Vicki Ramotar, will be interviewed at the local CLYNK office on January 30th.

We’ll share what we can here following our CLYNK debut, so please check back!


Thanks so much to everyone who is beveraging and recycling on our behalf! We appreciate you!

We have labeled CLYNK bags in our lobby and 2 bins in our building to collect in. You can grab a bag and take it with you, fill it up and bring it to Hannaford wherever you live. OR you can toss your empties in the bins here and pat yourself on the back for helping.

Whatever works for you is helping our students. Thanks a bunch!

10.28.19 CLYNKing for Crossroads!

We’ve received another check from CLYNK! We’re so thankful to everyone who has taken our labeled bags home or to their work-place and filled them up with empties on behalf of Crossroads!

A check for $75.05 came in the mail today, and we just wanted to let everyone know!

Money such as this helps buy supplies and materials needed in the classrooms and throughout the school.

We’re happy to send bags home with students – just let us know you want some! (email

You can also donate your own CLYNK card earnings to Crossroads. Find information here

8.1.19  Thanks CLYNK and Crossroads Clynkers!

We’ve received a check for $73.95 thanks to all of you!

Please pick up our labeled bags at our front desk and fill ’em up with your empties. Make sure to scan the labels when you bring your filled bag to Hannaford. Thank you for helping!

We’re happy to send bags home with students – just let us know you want some!

You can also donate your own CLYNK card earnings to Crossroads. Find information here

CLYNK at Crossroads Update – 3.4.19: 

As of today, we have raised $15.10 with 302 CLYNKed containers!
Bottles and cans can be put into any of the collection boxes around the school, and will be bagged and CLYNKed.
Thank you to everyone who took a CLYNK bag in December. When it’s full, don’t forget to bring it to your local Hannaford store, scan it until the scan-gun beeps, and drop it in the door. More bags are available in the Resource Development office.

We’re now a CLYNK recycler! 


In addition to accounts at Creating Change Recycle Center in Glenville, and Green Bottle Redemption Center in Rotterdam, people can now return bottles and cans to Hannaford, through the Clynk program. Please put your empties into the bags or boxes around the building.  

Recycling Bottles and Cans for curricular fund

If you would like to fill your own bag and return it to your local Hannaford store, please ask for a labeled bag at the front desk.


Be sure to see what other ways you can get involved with Crossroads Center for Children’s fundraising!


Giving Tuesday. 11/30/21Outdoor Play