Recycle with Clynk. Raise funds for Crossroads.

July 30, 2019

Thanks CLYNK and Crossroads Clynkers! We’ve received a check for $73.95 thanks to all of you!

Please pick up our labeled bags at our front desk and fill ’em up with your empties. Make sure to scan the labels when you bring your filled bag to Hannaford. Thank you for helping!

We’re happy to send bags home with students – just let us know you want some!

CLYNK at Crossroads Update – 3.4.19: 

As of today, we have raised $15.10 with 302 CLYNKed containers!
Bottles and cans can be put into any of the collection boxes around the school, and will be bagged and CLYNKed.
Thank you to everyone who took a CLYNK bag in December. When it’s full, don’t forget to bring it to your local Hannaford store, scan it until the scan-gun beeps, and drop it in the door. More bags are available in the Resource Development office.

We’re now a CLYNK recycler! 


In addition to accounts at Creating Change Recycle Center in Glenville, and Green Bottle Redemption Center in Rotterdam, people can now return bottles and cans to Hannaford, through the Clynk program. Please put your empties into the bags or boxes around the building.  

Recycling Bottles and Cans for curricular fund

If you would like to fill your own bag and return it to your local Hannaford store, please ask for a labeled bag at the front desk.


Be sure to see what other ways you can get involved with Crossroads Center for Children’s fundraising!

Fundraising Events and Activities

How Jessica and Stewart Friesen are racing for Autism Awareness and for real help for Crossroads Center for Children!OT and PT put the FUN in FUNCTIONAL!