Reading Time with Mrs. Mari

July 10, 2019

We’re so thankful for our volunteers.

Here’s an update on Reading Time With Mrs. Mari from this week.


Mari has been running this program in our library for over a year now. She comes in every few weeks and reads to the classes who sign up for a slot and go to the library to enjoy her program.

In addition to reading, Mari also sings songs and does a craft with the students. This is a favorite time for everyone. We’re truly lucky to have such a wonderful person volunteering with us!

We always love to thank the volunteers who help at Crossroads Center for  Children!

October, 2018
Mari Bartholomew is a volunteer who is doing a wonderful job running a library time for the school again this fall. She’s been coming in on Tuesdays, and the classrooms sign up for a slot with her based on their schedule. Mari reads books, sings songs, shares animals, and leads a craft, all in a half hour!

The kids and teachers adore Mari, a sweet and kind woman with a heart of gold and creativity to match. Thank you Mari! We are lucky to have you here!


Interested in volunteering at Crossroads Center for Children? We’d love to hear from you! Contact to learn more!


 July 25, 2018
 It’s such a pleasure to know people who care enough about others to give their time to helping out!

Mrs. Mari is one of those kind-hearted people who gives the gift of hours to our school.
She has been a wonderful Classroom Helper in Room 1 this year, and is now taking on a new role!

This summer, Mari is implementing Reading Time With Mari.

It’s a time when classes can sign up for a half hour slot to visit Mari in the school library.

Last week was her first time and it was fantastic!

Mari sang songs with the classes, read books and there was a lot of interaction!

She brought beanie babies and stuffed animals, and also an art project for the children.

They traced their hands and colored at the end of their time.



We love our volunteers, and appreciate all they do. If you are interested in volunteering at our school please visit this page to learn more:


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