Pumpkins, Pictures and Halloween

October 29, 2021

10.29.21 Our Halloween festivities are today!

Trick-or-treating from office to office in the building is a long-time tradition, helping the children to practice saying “trick or treat,” and “thank you.” either verbally, with assistive technology or PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). We’ll get as many pictures as we can up here, and as always, feel free to email others to Vickir@Crossroadcenter.org to add.

Plus we had an early morning door greeter today! Thanks, Paw Patrol Chase, aka DJ Ketchup for being with us!

Students are also enjoying Halloween Centers in the gym, and parties in their classrooms!

In addition to the BOOtiful pics please enjoy this special video from a Room 13 friend who has found her voice!



10.31.20  As promised below, we have some pictures hot off the press from today’s trick-or-treating! Classes are going to the offices in the building today, since the weather isn’t nice enough for them to do it outdoors. They are all learning to say, verbally or with assistive technology or PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), “trick or treat,” and “thank you.”

We also have some pictures of yesterday’s pumpkin decorating contest. More pics will be added as they come in!

Click to hear “Happy Halloween!”


10.19.2020 Pumpkin Patch and Picture Background!

It’s a year when school outings are cancelled, gatherings are restricted and parades are at a stand-still. It doesn’t sound like much fun for kids, does it?

However, thanks to the creative resourcefulness of  Ms. Shannon, students attending Crossroads will be able to create wonderful memories right here on our site.

Today, Shannon set up a pumpkin patch on the grounds. We’re thankful for the pumpkins, some of which were donated and some of which were discounted. Shannon spread them all out on one of our large lawns outside. Each classroom signed up for a slot to pick pumpkins.

Additionally there is a beautiful backdrop for pictures!

Shannon has plans for Halloween too. We’ll keep you posted right here on this blog-spot with another post soon!

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