Psychological Services

  • Psychological Service

    Psychological services at Crossroads are typically provided by the School Psychologist and may include:

    • Individual and/or group counseling
      • sessions may occur in a therapy room or within the students’ classroom setting and may target areas such as play development, turn taking, sharing, identifying emotions, coping strategies, and other age-appropriate social-emotional skills.

      • Evaluations – these may consist of measures that assess cognitive, academic and/or social-emotional skills
        • Transitional Evaluations: When students’ transition from Early Intervention services to preschool services (age 3) and from preschool services to school-age services (aged 5), children are re-evaluated to ascertain whether they are still in need of special education and which services would be beneficial for their educational progress.

      • Triennial Evaluations: Once a student is school-aged, New York State mandates that he/she be re-evaluated at least once every three years to determine whether he/she is still eligible for special education services and which services are necessary.

    • Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA)
      • This is a problem-solving process that targets a child’s problem behaviors and investigates what the purpose of the behavior is for the child (i.e., is he getting attention for it? Is she escaping from her work?)

    • Creating, implementing, and monitoring Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)
      • Using the information gathered from the FBA, behavior plans can be created that will teach students appropriate behaviors that can replace the negative behaviors, and will also positively reinforce students for the use of these desired behaviors.

    • Consulting with classroom staff and related service providers
      • The School Psychologist is also available should you have any questions or would like help with interpreting the results of evaluations, writing social stories, discussing your child’s social skills and play development, problem-solving, or anything else you may need.