Progress towards goals is because of ABA

November 19, 2018

Crossroads operates on the science and methodologies of ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis. It’s been the foundation of the program for 19 plus years, and it’s one of the aspects of the organization that makes this school unique.

We believe in ABA because of the wealth of researched effectiveness.

Research supports ABA

National Standards Project Phase 2

The school’s classrooms, therapy departments and the clinic, all utilize the techniques and principles of ABA in creating and implementing individual education plans and lesson plans.

This is the case whether students are working in groups….

making a special visit to the Executive Director….

labeling objects…

finding shapes in moon-sand to match to turkey feathers….


going on a Bear Hunt…..

scavenger hunting….

writing words……. 

or making a healthy pumpkin food….

…whatever it is, it’s being done ABA style.

The structure with which activities are presented, with tasks broken down into manageable sets and steps, and various levels of prompting and reinforcement is all based on the individual needs of the participants. This is how the students make observable and measurable gains with their skills. 

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