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  • Program Options

    Crossroads Center for Children serves the community through multiple programs at the Center, for students with and without disabilities. Please use the links to the right to find more information on program options. There are different referral processes for different programs. If you are having difficulty navigating through the services, feel free to contact us for more information.

    We serve students from 18 months to 12 years old through various program options. In addition to those listed here, visit the Our Services Page for services that are also available outside of the Center, such as through the ABA Therapy Clinic.

    Program Options

    Programs Available at Crossroads Center for Children


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    Crossroads Center for Children opened in Glenville, New York in 1998 as a private non profit school serving a small group of children diagnosed with autism. Today the school is located in Schenectady County and enrolls approximately 120 children from 20 school districts in the surrounding eight counties. Additionally, the school now enrolls typically developing students for the integrated daycare program. Integration in preschool and beyond is becoming increasingly common as the advantages for both students with disabilities and their typically developing peers are recognized. Both groups of children benefit from building friendships with people who are unique and this arrangement fosters tolerance and empathy. Both groups learn valuable lessons from critical thinking and social skills instruction, in addition to the quality academic programming.
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    On June 18, 1983, NASA Astronaut Sally K. Ride became the first American woman in space, when she launched with her four crewmates aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger on mission STS-7.
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    Meet C, a student who has been working hard to improve his communication skills with the help of Mrs. Amy. Despite slow progress at first, C is now eager to learn and has made great strides thanks to a communication system. Check out the full story at [
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