Price Chopper's Golub Foundation is helping kids develop Social Skills

November 29, 2022

Price Chopper is always helping organizations in our region. The Golubs do so very much to make our community better.

This year, Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation is again contributing to the Social Skills Development program at Crossroads Center for Children. A grant for $1,000. will help the school with purchasing items to use with students in the area of social skills development. Supplies such as games, interactive materials such as PECS books, art and music supplies are expenses that are constantly needed. Materials get used up, children change interests as they grow, and the school struggles to keep pace with spending. This gift will make a wonderful difference for all students enrolled at Crossroads.

Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation has been there for Crossroads for several years. From contributing to the pavilion project on the playground, to supporting our Learning Without Tears and Touch Math curriculums, we are so thankful for their generosity and dedication.

In each classroom and therapy area, therapists and teachers integrate socials skills work into all manner of activities. Since our students typically need extra and special work in this area, social skills are targeted throughout the school day. Additionally, activities are planned at certain time-slots in each classroom to cultivate and teach the life-forming skills needed for play, communication, social interaction and coping.

Social skills development in children with autism and other special developmental needs will benefit the communities that they reside in now and in the future. As students learn to communicate their needs and wants in functional ways, they are able to engage in the world around them more and more. The skills they learn help them to be able to succeed in other settings and to grow.

Henry E. Niles Foundation’s grant will strengthen technology at Crossroads Center for Children.Honorary and Tribute Gifts