Price Chopper Tools For Schools

August 12, 2020

8.12.2020 Changes coming to Tools for Schools! Stay tuned.




Important information regarding Price Chopper and Tools for Schools for 2020/2021


Dear Valued Tools for School Member ,

Price Chopper Market 32 is proud to have a long standing history of supporting schools and the communities in which we operate. We would like to sincerely thank you for all of your support for the Tools for Schools program, which has provided over $14 Million to local schools over the past 20 years.

The upcoming school year looks quite different than it has in the past, and given the uncertainty with what the fall will bring, we will not be starting the Tools for Schools program you have come to know in August. We are actively working on a new approach to providing support for our local schools during this difficult time. We hope to announce the details soon. Stay tuned and stay safe.


Price Chopper/Market 32


3.12.2020 We are so happy to report that we earned 35,840 points this year! We applaud all of our families and friends who have shopped and built up our points all year long!

Today we received several art supplies from our points. We now have 3 rolls of bulletin board paper, 3 gallon jugs of Elmer’s glue, a box of 30 glue sticks and 4 500-packs of construction paper, all of which are expensive items.


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