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    Crossroads Center for Children offers center-based or home-based options, including SEIT (special education itinerate teacher) or related services to students enrolled in our preschool program.

    fk99Crossroads Center for Children offers five integrated preschool classrooms that operate five and one-half hours each day, Monday through Friday. Children are placed in classrooms based on their individual strengths and needs. Each classroom provides unique learning opportunities that are matched to the skills of the students. Each classroom offers a continuum of services suited to meet the spectrum of needs that students with autism present with. For example, the kindergarten readiness room focuses on academics, social skills and self-management. Students in this room receive instruction mainly in small and large groups with zero to one hour of individualized instruction. This is in contrast to another preschool room that may focus on behavior management and functional communication. The latter example, students are less prepared to learn incidentally and instead, receive greater practice and repetition through two to three hours of individualized instruction and a lower frequency of small groups. Although the intensity varies from classroom to classroom, each works on the development of language skills, small group instruction, social skills, academic skills and self-management. The goal of Crossroads Center for Children is to transition preschoolers into their home school district. As such, our program aims to prepare students for typical school activities such as learning to buy lunch and attending field trips so that they may be prepared for a less restrictive placement.

    Parents are encouraged to observe their child while working with teachers and therapists. Parent training is an important part of each child’s programming. Parents can watch their child participate in special education sessions, related services sessions as well as daily classroom activities. At the same time teachers and/or therapists will provide parents with the skills necessary to implement programs. This carryover promotes the generalization of skills.

    In addition, for families who chose to supplement an approved program, or for families of children who do not qualify for services, Crossroads Center for Children is able to provide a private program through a consultation model. These services can be designed to meet the individual needs of the student and their family.

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