How to use positive reinforcement class-wide - kids earn a Pajama Party!

November 29, 2017

Don’t you sometimes wish you could stay in your P.J.’s all day long?

Talk about your positive reinforcement! Comfy and cozy all day long – what a great way to feel!


Kids of all ages love it when they can wear their pajamas to school! It is really special for them, and they come in showing off the characters and graphics they adorn.

That’s why sometimes teachers will have their classrooms earn a pajama party day. Everyone has contributed to the class’s progress with accomplishments both academic and social, and the reward, or “reinforcer” is the party!

Room 5 did this recently, and it looks like they had a fantastic day! Very reinforcing!

Between their Healthy Food group “Cooking Show”,   and their play activities, both inside and out,    Mrs. Erin and her team captured some awesome moments from their day!

Positive reinforcement is a cornerstone of Applied Behavior Analysis, and is used all day, every day throughout the program at Crossroads, in each classroom, therapy setting, clinic settings and the before and after school daycare too.  Reinforcing the positive, accurate and appropriate actions and behaviors of the students is what will help them to repeat those behaviors and develop patterns which will lead to success throughout life.

Crossroads Center for Children is a school working to help children be successful in their lives, and based on the principles and methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis.

PHILOSOPHY: Crossroads Center for Children utilizes interventions from the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a branch of psychology and education with a foundation based on scientific analysis of human behavior and learning.

MISSION: To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community.

Great job, Room 5, on earning your Pajama Day and making it a great day for everyone in the classroom!

Want to help Room 5 and our other classrooms? Please consider donating to our curricular extension program!

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