Playground Moments

August 09, 2019

8.9.19 Field Day and Picnic builds teamwork for Room 11

The boys in Room 11 like sports. They like to get outside and participate in activities with endurance and skill. They also like to eat.

    So yesterday, their teaching team had a field day and picnic for them. There were athletics and competitions involved, and eating in the pavilion at the end.  Fun, friendly competition and food seem to be a winning combination, for everyone had a wonderful time.







8.8.19  Water-play adventures from Room 8

The students love their water-play times outside, and nothing is more fulfilling than seeing them having fun!

Love that Mrs. Susanna and one of her students matched clothing on this day!


Our playground is great fun!

See how some school-age students from Room 14 are being physically active and having a blast!


7.25.19 Water-play is the way today!

During the summer session, the classrooms add water-play as one of the activities during their week.

Every class has a turn. Pictured here are students from rooms 3,4 & 8.

While not on the playground per say, water-play is a favorite outside play time for our students in the summer. Water tables, buckets, toys, sprinklers and hose adaptations make every water-play time a fun time. Cones in the parking lot warn our driving visitors to be cautious approaching our school, and the activities are done on our “garden lawn” snugly in a contained spot.

Students bring in their own water clothing and towels from home.  They get practice donning and doffing swim wear and classroom clothing, applying – or letting a teacher apply – parentally approved sunscreen, and experiencing the sensations of water in different ways. They also get practice using a towel to dry themselves, and ending a favorite activity to transition to something else.

Social skills such as taking turns, playing with the same center or activity together with peers, and waiting for others to be done, are also some of the skills that have opportunities for practice during water-play times.


This year we have bought some new water-play items from money raised from our snack bar. Thanks to everyone who purchases snacks – water, juice, chips, etc. for the help!

   June 5, ’19

    What’s your favorite playground activity?

Physical activity has plenty of benefits, and an infinite variety of ways to participate.

At Crossroads Center for Children, physical activity is integral to every classroom’s daily routine. Physical Education time and recess are intertwined and each of the eleven classrooms go out to the playground daily when the weather allows it. Sometimes classrooms take the bikes out and ride, or go for walks on the grounds, as well. Scooter races, obstacle courses, basketball and soccer are some of the other physical activities students are learning to participate in on the premises of Crossroads Center for Children. The days when the weather is too bad for outside, classrooms use their time in the gym to be active and there are many active tasks in the classrooms and hallways occurring all day long as well.

Our kids feel the playground is tops.

Active times are the favorite times for many children at our school, and if you asked them what their favorite place of all is to be active, you’d probably hear a resounding declaration of the playground. That’s what we hear.

The playground at Crossroads Center for Children is full of fun spaces and opportunities for the students to run, jump, climb, and otherwise move their bodies. Here, students share their smiles as they enjoy engaging in their favorite playground activities.


Sand-play is awesome.

Thanks to Bellevue Builders, lack of sand can’t slow us down this summer. Their donation of ten fifty pound bags this week was awesome. Thanks to our outside volunteer crew for filling up the sand boxes and to the teachers outside at the time for helping. The children were wonderful about helping to spread the sand.

We all agree that physical activity is so important and also that it’s fun! So, what’s your favorite thing to do on the playground? We’d love your comments!      

What we mean when we say “life skills.”A grant from the Nora Roberts Foundation will help students develop literacy skills