Playground Cleanup & Mulching

April 22, 2022
4.22.22 Playground Cleanup Day with CAP COM

Today we were vastly blessed by the good works of CAP COM! A group of volunteers – all from CAP COM’s IT department – whipped our playground into great shape. They raked up many bags of leaves, built up mulch in all of the spots we needed it, cleared out a fallen tree, clipped back overgrown vines, and left it in sparkling condition.

The group also checked out our bike shed, whose sliding doors have become dented and warped after many years of use. They got the doors on track again, at least for a while, and recommended we use WD-40 and try to be gentle with the opening and closing process.

Phil Barrett, Eugene Corcione, Jedidiah Simpson, Jacob Fascia, Stefan Bilicki, Ryan Keys, Sean Murphy, and Josh Meier, THANK YOU TO THE MOON! Paige Reuckert, we are so fortunate to have your help!

10.13.21 Much Mulching Success Today

When it comes to mulching, many hands make light of work and are greatly appreciated. We have a rather large playground space, and the children tend to wear down the mulch out there pretty quickly. That’s why, when CAP COM volunteered to help with our fall mulching, we jumped at the chance to arrange our mulching day around them.

We had wonderful volunteers from CAP COM, including Lauren Burgasser, Jessica Bouck, Jackie Claudio, Kim Black, John Nowak, Katelyn Mitchell, and Madison Trentini. We also had a volunteer from Kiwanis, Mike DellaRocco, and a community volunteer, Jessica Sanders. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work and enthusiasm for the job at hand!

Scroll down for past adventures on our mulch days! 

4.20.21 Change of date!

Because the forecast for 4/22 calls for snow, rain, and cold, we are pushing back this “party” one week, to Thursday, 4/29 2-4. Please read below for the details, and make sure to email if you are able to help. Thanks!

4.13.2021 It’s time for our Spring 2021 Playground Cleanup at Crossroads Center for Children!

We’d love your help if you’re free on Thursday. 4/22 between 2 and 4. 

What we’ll be doing:

  • Pulling weeds/grass and adding mulch to the equipment areas of the playground.
  • Cleaning up the playground to ready it for the spring/summer play.

Many hands make light of work! If you can help, please send a quick email to, or call 280-0083.
Please bring rakes, shovels and tarps. Dress for the weather and the tasks at hand!

Thank you for helping!!

9.29.2020 Our Fall Playground Cleanup is accomplished!

Thanks to the playground partiers, we have a gorgeous new height of mulch on the playground. It’s in great  shape for the coming cold, snowy weather, and when spring arrives we’ll be in excellent readiness.

6 hard workers from our Crossroads team came out this afternoon to haul, dump, rake and even out mulch in all of our hot spots- the areas that kids play the most and where the mulch gets figged up the most. We’ve put a lot of work into the playground project this past year, and are so grateful for having plenty of mulch to fill in, add height, and increase safety of surface on our playground for our students. Not only that but we were also able to remulch the pavilion area, which hasn’t been redone since 2016 when we put the pavilion up.

Plus, although many people warned that we would be rained out, we kept the positive vibes going and kept the rain away. The weather was great for the job!

This playground is truly a labor of love. Thank you to Kelly, Melissa, Lindsay, Morgan, Morgan and Vicki for today’s great work!

Once again, we’re ever grateful to the Carlilian Foundation and the other wonderful people who donated to help us have enough mulch!

7.6.2020 Catch up with all that’s happening with our playground!

Playground Moments

10.26.19  Mulching Accomplished – for now anyway! 

Thank you to the fabulous people who volunteered to spend their Friday afternoon digging out very stubborn grass out of a large space on our playground! Mulch, purchased with proceeds from the school’s snack bar, filled in the space for increased safety for our students. Yesterday’s crew included several Crossroads staff members, a past family, and a current family.

This hard work was rewarded with snacks and lots of laughs, and likely, some sore muscles this morning!

Many, many thanks to all!

It’s time for our Fall Playground Cleanup again!

It’s time for Fall 2019 Playground Cleanup at Crossroads Center for Children!

We’d love your help if you’re free on Friday, October 25th, 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Calling all parents, friends, staff, community members who might be able to lend a hand for a couple of hours for this project!

  • What we’ll be doing:
    Fall playground cleanup and mulching – we will be digging out and removing grass from a large area, and adding mulch to that area.
  • We’ll be replenishing the mulch around the 3 play units on our playground.
  • We’ll be cleaning up the playground to ready it for the winter.

Many hands make light of work! If you can help, please send a quick email to, or call 280-0083.
Staff members can sign-up by the time clock.

Please bring rakes, shovels and tarps. Dress for the weather and the tasks at hand!

Thank you for helping!!



10.19.18 We appreciate the people who help the school so very much!

We have the kindest community on earth!

Yesterday’s playground cleanup and mulching “party” was a big success. Thank you to the following folks for your hard work and time spent on this fall cleanup project: Mike Dellarocco, Erin Carter, Jeff Britton, Annie Grzywaczewski, Melissa Zager, Alan Mould, Kelly Young and Vicki Ramotar. (Not everyone was present for a picture).

The work crew edged and weeded out around all of the areas where the play equipment needs mulch. Then they added the new mulch that was donated by Schenectady County Soil & Water Recycling Center, thanks to the help of the Schenectady County legislature. Finally, the mulch was raked.

Additionally, we were able to put our summer playground toys away for the winter in our new storage shed. The sandbox, too, was “put to bed” for the winter.

Wild grapes, which are safe but messy for our little fingers, were cut back to be less inviting.

It looks great, and is once again safe and sound for our kids! Thank you so much everyone, for turning out!

Thank you again to the legislators at Schenectady County, especially Holly Vellano, Brian McGarry and Cathy Gatta  for getting the mulch donated, and to Jason Cass at the mulch center for donating and delivering it here!


MULCH Appreciation!!


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