Physical activity is the way we roll at Crossroads Center for Children

February 09, 2018

You’ve probably noticed that our students have many opportunities for physical activity throughout their day? The half hour “gym” slot that each class has every day for Physical Education is truly critical for health and wellness.

Here’s a quick peek into the gymnasium with Rooms 3 and 4.

Students work on many motor skills in their PE class. Physical activity tasks such as bouncing, obstacle courses, climbing, racing, ball skills, games, and more. One of the very tiptop favorites is pedaling bikes, cars and other wheeled modes of transport.

Crossroads Center for Children provides a rich and fun learning environment full of appropriate, active and meaningful experiences for our students. Children come from all over the Capital Region and classes start at age 2 and go to age 12. Preschool aged children with developmental special needs such as Autism learn alongside their general education peers, and both groups benefit from this educational model. Additionally, three school aged classrooms assist this age group of children, preparing them for successful lives.


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For students who qualify for Physical Therapy, Mr. Joe, our Physical Therapist helps them work on work on important and challenging motor skills.

Mr. Joe works on physical skills such as throwing, catching, jumping, stairs, walking…. really whatever the child needs to access the school environment.

Mr. Joe’s approach to positive reinforcement is great fun. Here he plays Surprise with one of his students.

The student, having completed the stairs hurries around the corner and sits on the next bank of the stairwell. He is hiding! And he loves it when Mr. Joe looks for him, wonders aloud where he’s gone, and then finds him sitting right around the corner! It’s a big surprise and hilarity ensues.

The classrooms also provide a plethora of physical activities during the day. Even as part of their academic lessons.

Here students in Room 11, one of our school-aged classrooms, once students have answered on the topic being discussed, each is next directed to a certain number of jumps and then and number of high-fives to a certain a friend.

Since the risks to overall health and wellness are great when kids are sedentary, these kinds of movement-motivated activities can only serve to help our kids be happy and healthy.

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