Parent Training & Family Support

  • Training & Support

    fk5We are dedicated to not only serving our students but also to offering support and assistance to our parents and families as well. Our students’ success is largely based upon consistency and communication between home and school. Therefore, we offer parent training sessions that allow parents, guardians, and families the opportunity to learn effective strategies for working with their child at home and in the community. These trainings take place within the student’s classroom and give parents the ability to practice techniques, observe, and discuss their student with classroom staff and related service providers.

    Staff is also available to help address any issues that parents and families are experiencing in the home environment.

    Additionally, we offer evening parent trainings that focus on topics such as challenging behaviors, play/social skills, current research, making future decisions, and other relevant issues. Crossroads also offers a support group for parents to provide them with a safe place to connect with one another and share stories and ideas. We hope to add a sibling support group soon for children who have a sister/brother with special needs to give them this same opportunity as well.