Over and Under the Snow and other Literacy Units

February 02, 2019

1/25/2019: Here’s how Room 11 is integrating science and literacy!

Room 11 has been working on  FABLES unit. The kids, all boys at this time. are really relating to the fables.  Fables teach life lessons in addition to being important in a literary sense.
They’ve also been incorporating other work into their unit. Other subjects that that this group of pre-tweens are interested in. One is Science.
Here’s a cool science experiment they did recently. It’s an extension of The Crow and the Pitcher.

gThe science experiment is one of water displacement. Students made predictions regarding the number of pebbles it would take to raise water to lines on cups.

Great work, Room 11!


12/4/2018: Organizing a classroom theme around a book is an terrific way to integrate a wide variety of subject areas as well as skill levels and interests.

In a school-age classroom, it works exceptionally well. Here’s a fantastic example of a book theme from Room 11.

The book they used was Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner.

Room 11 used this book to introduce the theme of Winter. The book also brings in many interesting related topics, such as animals, gingerbread, snow, snowmen and the North Pole. During their book theme activities, teachers were also targeting skills for reading, listening, comprehension, position words and prepositions.

First the students listened and read the book. They used templates to create animals and then place them in a large class poster with scenery.

The students also made their own posters. Ms. Kerry reports that they did a wonderful job of listening and placing the figures and working together, and she was very proud of them.

Here’s a video of this book that you can watch at home with your child: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQj7dT8h5yY


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