Fundraising for This Organization

  • You can help us raise the funds needed to provide essential services!

    There are so many burdens in this world for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, particularly autism. The work of this organization is critical, lightening those burdens for students and families through the school and the clinic.
    Because of people who care about children like you do, we are able to serve approximately 130 students annually from many counties and school districts.

    Fundraising is absolutely essential to the Crossroads MISSION. Building funds allows our team to deliver highly individualized services to our very special students. Services that are grounded in practices which are researched to be effective.

    We need your help to carry out this important work. Imagine the impact you’ll make whenever you contribute to Crossroads Center for Children. All of our fundraising activities are for services and programs that help students and families. Here, every single dollar makes a difference, and our supporters are deeply valued.

  • You are invited to help sustain our school and clinic and meet the needs of the children and families that we serve! 

    You're here reading this page - thank you! You are one of the kind and caring people that make the world a better place. You want the lives of children to be functional, successful and happy. You want to see their families' worries being eased, as children learn essential skills that will help them become more independent and capable of handling life's challenges. 

    Fundraising is absolutely critical to our MISSION, allowing us of to deliver excellent and intensely individualized services to our students. We organize a variety of fund-development efforts across the year. Some are EVENTS, some are sales-oriented, and others are accounts that people can register for and contribute to Crossroads every time you shop. You can help by being active with any or all of our fundraisers. Please read on to learn more.

  • Be there for us. We have several revenue development events and activities throughout the year to help us to meet the gap between our tuition-based income and expenses. We hope you will participate in those you are able to. 

    Crossroads Fundraising Calendar at a Glance

  • Shop our store. We started our Bonfire store at the beginning of the COVID school shut-down, as a way to raise money to help with payroll as we, like many others, experienced a cash-flow shortfall. We’ve kept the store operating, and added items too since folks love the items and since we want to have easy and fun ways for people to help. All orders get printed in “batches” and shipped directly to the buyer. All profits over the base cost help us to pay for needed technology equipment such as laptops, iPads, and tablets for instruction and therapy.  

  • Earn points for us. Price Chopper Market 32’s Tools for Schools program doesn’t earn us money but it does earn us points. Register your Advantedge card to designate Crossroads as your charity. Our number is 52191. At the end of the school year, we can use all the points we’ve earned to “buy” school supplies.

    Tools for Schools
  • Shop for us. When you shop at Rite Aid, you can round up your change to us to the nearest dollar. You need to register your card to designate us as your charity.

    Rite Aid Kid Cents
  • Hold an event for us. Whether it’s running for a cause or holding a bake-sale, when you coordinate your own event and donate the proceeds, you are our hero. Please. To prevent fraud and improve communication, please reach out to or if you are interested in holding a fundraiser for Crossroads. 

    Celebrate for us. If it’s your birthday or anniversary, or if you’re challenging yourself to a goal, you can start a Facebook fundraiser for Crossroads and get your friends involved. One thing you need to know is that we are usually unable to know who is having a Facebook fundraiser for us, nor who is donating that way. This makes it unfeasible to properly thank you – or your donors – for your help, unless you reach out to let us know. We do appreciate our Facebook donors very much and have raised quite a bit of support for the school this way.

  • CLYNK for us. CLYNK to Give is a Hannaford recycling program which allows people to donate bottles to charities. We have special labels on special bags that we will provide you with if you would like to save your bottles for us. These are available at our front desk or we will be happy to mail you one if you reach out. Then fill your bag up and return it to any Hannaford. Find the CLYNK door, and scan the label on the bag using the scanner. When it beeps, just drop the bag inside the door, and your bottles will get credited to our account. If you already have a CLYNK account, there is also the option to donate proceeds from your account to Crossroads using CLYNK to GIVE.

    CLYNK to Give

    We also have accounts at Creating Change Redemption Center/ 309 Saratoga Rd. Glenville and Green Bottle Redemption Center 1809 Altamont Ave. Rotterdam. When you drop off  bottles and cans, be sure you specify our full name, Crossroads Center for Children, as there are other organizations with similar names.   

  • Get the match for us. Matching donation programs are offered to employees by an increasing number of companies. If your company does so, please request a match for any donations that you make to our school to be sure your donation is working its hardest.

    Here’s a list of companies that we are aware of that have matching donation programs: American Express, AOL, Apple, Avon, Boeing, BP, Bristol – Myers Squibb, Capital Group, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Disney, Exxon Mobil, FM Global, Ford Foundation, Gap, GE, Goldman Sachs, Google, Home Depot, Honda, IBM, John Deere, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, KeyBank, MBIA, McDonalds, Merck, Microsoft, National Grid, Nissan, Pfizer, Soros Fund Management, Starbucks, State Street Corporation, Verizon. Please let us know of any others we can add to this list by emailing