Off the Wish List!

April 18, 2017

Thank you to Kim Marinucci and her work group at CDPHP! Thank you to Marcella’s Appliance!

We are absolutely blown away!! Thanks to Kim Marinucci – one of our moms –  and her CDPHP crew at work – Amy Woods, Marilyn Pairam, Michael Dimino, Kristin Stofelano, Rose VanAlstyne, Donna Roy, Denise Knights, Cecily Carr, Melissa Caruso, Bill DeFranza, Aisha White, Kemeisha Pounds, Sara Sanford, and Deanna Cornelius – Crossroads received several items off our Wish List yesterday and today!

This group decided as a work team to take our Wish List on as a project for Autism Awareness Month, and began collecting things. Its amazing what people can do, isn’t it? We are so blessed to have this kind of help.

Yesterday, Kim brought over a crawl tunnel for our gym and PE programming, Barbies, baby doll, Duplo legos, play foods!


Then today, just this morning, Marcella’s Appliance delivered a washer / dryer set, which they donated to help this project!! Roger and Mike were both wonderful and brought our brand new washer and dryer in to the building for us. It will be so great to be able to wash and dry items that get soiled at school, as well as to have opportunities to practice important laundry life skills with our students.       

It is so important that everyone who helped knows how deeply we appreciate this help for our school. Helping us to run our program and give our students opportunities to grow and learn, and our staff tools to teach and deliver the phenomenal programs that they do. You are amazing! Thank you!

Here are 2 of our little guys in Day Care who were thrilled to get inside of the new crawl tunnel yesterday as soon as it was set up in the gym!!! They are saying “THANK YOU!”

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