Occupational and Physical Therapy Services

  • Occupational & Physical Therapy Services

    Children who demonstrate developmental delays in their fine motor skills, adaptive development, or sensory processing abilities may benefit from occupational therapy services. An Occupational Therapist specializes in helping children to improve their fine motor skills (hand writing and hand dexterity skills), adaptive development (eating, dressing, and self care activities), and sensory processing abilities (the ability to take in and manage auditory, tactile, and visual stimuli effectively within their environment).

    fk4Children who demonstrate developmental delays in their gross motor development may benefit from physical therapy services. A Physical Therapist specializes in helping children to improve their basic foundational motor skills (sitting, rolling, standing, and walking) so that the higher level gross motor skills needed for their continued physical development and ability to participate in general play activities can develop.

    Eligibility is determined by formal testing procedures conducted by a registered occupational therapist and/or licensed physical therapist. Through a detailed evaluation of a child’s level of performance in these critical developmental areas, a plan of care can be created and implemented as necessary.

    Occupational and Physical Therapy services are typically provided during the child’s school day. The mode of delivery of these services varies from: individual one-on-one sessions to establish foundational skills; group sessions to work on the social aspect of these physical skills; “push in” sessions to support a child’s current physical skills among their peers within the academic environment; and direct and indirect consultation services to discuss a child’s performance with his/her classroom staff and offer suggestions to further assist a child in their fine motor, gross motor, adaptive development, or sensory processing abilities. Parent training sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis to allow parents the opportunity to observe their child’s occupational and/or physical therapy sessions. These training sessions provide parents/caretakers with the skills to ensure carryover with their children in the home environment.