New Raised Garden Beds at Crossroads!

June 21, 2017

THANK YOU for our brand new, very beautiful GARDEN!

You may have heard of the Eagle Scouts. You may have heard of and even seen some of the amazing work projects that they develop and complete to earn their Scout-hood. However, you haven’t seen anything so perfect as this project brought to us by Jacob Cleinman of Glenville!


Almost a full year ago, Jacob approached Crossroads to see how he could help as he set out to design and orchestrate his Eagle Scout project. After a few ideas were discussed, Jacob set to work on plans for giving us long-wished for raised garden beds.


You see, since we moved to this location we have used an in-ground garden, which was dug out by hand by one teacher and one parent. And it grew some over the year as we used it for plantings and harvestings, for butterfly releases and weeding lessons, for flowers and vegetables. Science, Math, ELA, life skills, healthy food activities and on and on. And it has been “ok”, but a little hard for the kids to focus on what you’re working on due to being right in the ground. Hence the long-term wish for something raised up, something professional and sturdy and lovely. However funds and man-power for something like a garden were hard to justify as a priority expenditure, when we have so many pressing needs.

So Jacob’s selection of Crossroads was a gift from above, and his ability to know how to plan it all out and execute it was an infinite blessing.

It must be said that this work of love was supported by several people who are ALWAYS there for Crossroads, in countless ways. Part of the work set for Jacob was to gain donations of his supplies. He was joined in his project by Wendy and Kevin Loukes of Charlton Septic Service, who donated all of the dirt- – and by Bellevue Builders of Rotterdam, who donated all of the wood – He had to enlist a work crew, and for that his fellow scouts from troop 56 stepped up to the task. Our deep thanks to Jon Cleinman, Michael Boss, Jason Boss, Michael Caggianelli, Jr., Michael Caggianelli, and Corin Gordon for this awesome show of manpower!!! Huge thanks to his family – Melissa, John and Wyatt – who just so happen to have a soft spot for Crossroads also and have raised such a giving young man.


The day of the build, a Sunday in June, Jacob and his team started and completed the project for us! He raised up the in-ground bed, and gave us two new beds, making for three defined garden spaces. It turned out absolutely beautifully! The two new ones will be gaining veggies this Wednesday, and more pictures will soon follow. Thank you for your enormous gift, Jacob! Thank you for helping him, Jacob’s work crew, the Cleinman family, Bellevue Builders and Wendy and Kevin Loukes. We will be happily growing from now to forever!

Join Jacob!

Jacob put his heart and soul into helping others, and he made a cherished contribution to this school that serves and helps so many children and families all over the region.

YOU can join Jacob and support this project and other important projects at Crossroads by making a donation to our program Or attend one of our upcoming fundraising events throughout the year Or volunteer as a Classroom Helper or Project Volunteer There are many opportunities to help and make a difference for the very special students here!


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