MULCH Appreciation!!

September 13, 2017

Do you remember your childhood playground?

Did you relish that time each day to run, holler, chase friends, and jump around? Here at Crossroads, the students feel that way about their playground time, too.  The playground is a special source of joy, learning, exercise, and all-round fresh-aired fun!

Keeping it fun means keeping it safe! That’s why, in accordance with best practices and regulations, we maintain the mulch around the play equipment. It’s why the playground mulch is raked regularly, and why we add fresh mulch at the beginning and end of each summer.

Mulch can get expensive, so it’s awesome when someone wants to donate some!

Today, Alan Mould donated 10 bags! What a wonderful help this is!

In a few weeks, date to be determined, a Mulching Day will be planned on the playground. We will ask for volunteers once we have a date!! Also, newspapers will be helpful! If you have any you’re done with please save them for us! Thank you!


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