Moving Forward from Covid-19.

September 24, 2020

Sometimes people enjoy helping us achieve equipment, items and projects that are current high needs. These fund-raising targets change from time to time and have included things like our pavilion, expansion of technology, enhancements to the playground, and recently, revenue to sustain operations with increased expenses and decreased income due to COVID-19.

Thanks to our supporters, Crossroads had a smooth and healthy summer session and we’re now well into the Fall Session. Many donations of money and of in-kind items on our Wish List have helped tremendously. We can’t thank you enough!

We still have many needs. Operating in a climate with pandemic concerns means increased costs for everyone, including Crossroads. We run a tight, no-frills budget all the time, so when extra expenses are incurred, fund-raising efforts have to match that increase. Specific items are currently needed in the areas of health, safety, cleaning, school materials, art supplies, and technology equipment; we’re making our purchases a bit at a time, as funds become available, thanks to the kindness of people like you. 

Our Donate page is very secure and it’s ready for you 365 days a year. That’s also where you can find our Wish List. All donations go directly to running our program – payroll, lease payments, supplies, materials etcetera. We also have a GoFundMe campaign that is helping more specifically with our new costs and projects. Moving Forward from COVID-19 is our current focus, with items we’re raising money for to help with portable sinks, iPads, earbuds, and many other things that are needed now due to our current climate. 

Visit our GoFundMe campaign.

Thank you, always, for whatever you can do to help.

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