Mother/Baby Animal Match. Integrating Science, Art and Social Skills.

April 16, 2018

Integrating Science and Art activities is getting more common in classrooms, and this Animal Match activity also brings in Social and ELA skills to boot.

Here’s a great theme lesson that Room 12 recently used to build understanding of animals and their life-cycles. They made cards showing animals, both babies and mothers. Each animal card corresponded to the other in its pair. The class engaged with the cards in three ways that were both instructional and fun for the students in this school-age classroom. Additionally, each activity was adjusted for the individuals in the group, an important factor to keep in mind.

1. Memory/Matching Game. All cards were turned over and a student group played memory/matching to find the other half of the pair. With about 30 cards, this served to be very challenging, so the group adapted the game to leaving the cards face up, where the challenge of matching the mothers to their babies was just right. Another group worked with a smaller group of cards, a further modification to help the students be successful and stay engaged.

2. Collage. The cards were next used to make a matching collage poster. Again this activity was easily modified. One student created a collage with a one pair match, while another had several pairs, and layered them with a teaching focus of “lift this flap to see this animal’s baby.”

3. Writing. When the goal is to write about a picture, having new and interesting pictures to write about makes all the difference. Students can write a word, sentence or story to describe the picture they choose, making the activity accessible for everyone.  Even “non -writers” can be engaged by selecting a word on a device, or from a choice of 2 written by the teacher.


Hope you enjoyed reading about this activity in Room 12.

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