Melted Snowmen - Classroom Themes Can Melt Your Heart

February 08, 2018

Located in Rotterdam, NY, Crossroads Center for Children is an Applied Behavior Analysis program which includes a clinic and a center-based school. Our teachers have the most awesome classroom themes going on!

Children here are as little as 2 years old and as big as 12! We were founded back in 1998 to serve a small group of children with diagnoses of autism who were in need of appropriate programs, and over the years we’ve grown in many ways. One way is in our population of students. It has grown in number and in makeup. In addition to serving kids on the spectrum, we now also have children with other special needs here. Not only that, but lots of general education students are enrolled in the preschool classrooms at Crossroads. They’re here for the great education they receive. That’s right, many kids who are “typically developing” come to us as “daycare” students. You might know it as daycare, nursery school, pre-school, child care, early childhood education, or something different! These children benefit from the integrated program as much as the kids with IEPs.

For one thing, all of the students get excited about classroom themes.

Lately several of our classrooms have been working on Arctic Animals themes which have been super adorable.

Arctic Animals and Winter Weather ART Gallery – themes that kids love in the classrooms

Another fun winter theme is Snow and Snowmen.

Here’s a fun take on Snowmen from Room 11 – MELTED SNOWMEN!

By talking about Melted Snowmen, the class engaged in learning about temperatures and melting points.

Students sponged their paper with snow paint, and then selected where to place the parts of their snowman.

This ensured that everyone’s snowman was as unique as each child. The class also made melted snowmen cupcakes, which were a fun way to tie in cooking and food preparation skills.

Yum! Right?

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