Matching Donations

November 18, 2022

⇒ More and more, companies are counting on their employees to guide their community giving programs, and so we ask for your help in increasing our income. Funds raised help us to reach more children each year, hire and retain exceptional employees, pay for our facilities and supplies, work with parents and family members, and increase offerings to students.

Do you work for a company that matches donations?

Matching donations means that when you make a gift to a charitable organization, and you apply to your company’s matching program, they will donate to the organization too. In most cases matches are made dollar for dollar, but other ratios also occur, such as halving, doubling, or tripling. Donation matches can be made for straight out donations, or even for the deductible (donation) part of your event ticket.

⇒This means that if your company has a matching program, and you donate to us, please request a match. This can significantly increase your impact on the children here. Example: you donate $50 and your company matches it at an equal amount, $50, and now instead of 5 gallons of tempera paint, we can buy 10. Or, instead, a tablet for a classroom.

Don’t know if your company matches? Ask. Your business development or business office will know.  (♥ If they don’t match yet, perhaps you might suggest such a program. ♥ )

Here’s the best list we can find of companies with matching programs:


⇒ Each and every year, children and families from all over the Greater Capital Region rely on Crossroads Center for Children to guide intervention, provide education and therapy, and give students the means to succeed in their lives. In turn, Crossroads relies in large part on donations and grants to meet our budgetary needs. 

Thank you for your kindness and caring. Learn more on these pages!

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