Making snow - an engaging learning activity for a preschool classroom with diverse needs

December 13, 2017

 Can you think of anything cooler to do than making snow? This preschool classroom had this fun experience the other day.

Ms. Lindsay’s Room 4 was enjoyably engaged in the process of snow-making, using simple, staple ingredients and lots of hands-on mixing. They placed polar animals in their snow and moved them through arctic drifts and igloos. In so doing, the children interacted in imaginary play and social interactions with each other.

Snow and polar animals go together like hand and glove, so it’s no coincidence that this diverse group of learners is all fascinated with the many different projects and activities presented to them by their creative teachers. They’ve painted with home-made snow paint, crafted walruses, put together penguins and polar bears, and created self-portraits dressed for the deep freeze.

The theme is an engaging one and has the students learning. Pretty cool!

Something else that’s pretty cool:

How a community came together to GIVE LEARNING to a special school.

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