LYFT Wheels For All grant to help Crossroads Center for Children

January 28, 2021

1.28.2021 A reminder to our current parents and team members that this is still available. Please reach out to Kelly Young, Executive Director if you need a LYFT for a school-related activity.

2.21.2020 Need a LYFT? 

Crossroads has credit codes to give to current parents who are coming in for meetings or other activities at our school. Please get in touch with Kelly Young, Executive Director, or your classroom teacher, if you are interested in this rare opportunity.

A code will be given to you. You will use it when you book your ride to and/or from Crossroads. You will need to download the LYFT app for this, but if this is impossible, we will work with you to book your ride.

Call the school at 518-280-0083, and let us know you need a LYFT!

11.8.2019 Crossroads is excited to share that we have been selected as a winner of a Lyft Wheels For All grant!

Our school has been awarded $1,000 in Lyft credits. As one of 5 winners in New York State, our school is thrilled and honored to be able to offer transportation to help some of our students’ families and Crossroads staff members and volunteers to access training, work shifts and other important activities.

Crossroads Center for Children is honored and excited to be one of the 5 New York State winners of the LYFT grant. This grant will be used to increase access to trainings for family members who have been unable to get to the school due to limited transportation. It will also be used to help staff members with transportation to conferences, and to help volunteers and interns, some of whom currently spend up to an hour in public transportation to get to school. Crossroads Center for Children’s mission is To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community. 

Crossroads Center for Children

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