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November 05, 2019

11.4.19 I Know My Numbers

The I Know My Numbers books from Learning Without Tears are getting some great use! Here are some students in Room 6 working on number 5. The lesson integrates handwriting, spelling, counting and reading, and these youngsters are doing a great job!

We’re ever thankful for the donations and grants we’ve received to help gain the curricular materials needed for the 2019-20 school year.

8.9.19 Research projects at the Rotterdam Public Library

Room 11’s students took their research projects out of school yesterday, by spending time at the public library. They’ve been working on a science and literacy unit all summer and this represents their culminating work.

“The trip to the library was an extension of our animal classification unit we have been working on this summer. Students chose an animal, found a nonfiction book with their teachers help, and then wrote information about their animal,” explains Mrs. Kerry, the class’s teacher.

This outing was not only academic, however. Since it can often be challenging for our students to participate in public places, this opportunity to work on social and community behaviors was fantastic. Great job, Team 11!


5/31/2019: Art and Literacy: A Rosy Combination

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose! By Lucille Colandro was the topic of a recent literacy theme in Room 11.

Some valuable resources can be found to go along with Room 11’s work here from theautismhelper.com :  http://theautismhelper.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/There-Was-an-Old-Lady-Rose-1.pdf

Meanwhile, we want to show you what they did to integrate an engaging creative activity into this literacy theme.

Paint was used on paper, but the interesting part is that the application of the paint was done with celery!

The cut off ends of celery, dipped in paint, created a beautiful rose impression.

These are so inventive and lovely in the upstairs hallways of our school-age program!

These are so inventive and lovely in the upstairs hallways of our school-age program!

Thanks, Room 11! Well done!










12/4/2018: Organizing a classroom theme around a book is an terrific way to integrate a wide variety of subject areas as well as skill levels and interests.

In a school-age classroom, it works exceptionally well. Here’s a fantastic example of a book theme from Room 11.

The book they used was Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner.

Room 11 used this book to introduce the theme of Winter. The book also brings in many interesting related topics, such as animals, gingerbread, snow, snowmen and the North Pole. During their book theme activities, teachers were also targeting skills for reading, listening, comprehension, position words and prepositions.

First the students listened and read the book. They used templates to create animals and then place them in a large class poster with scenery.

The students also made their own posters. Ms. Kerry reports that they did a wonderful job of listening and placing the figures and working together, and she was very proud of them.







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2.28.19   Loving literacy leads to loving learning.

Giving students a lifetime love of learning is the goal of every teacher around. By making activities meaningful and incorporating the students’ needs and interests into the lessons and skills being taught, teachers at Crossroads engage students and foster a love for literacy that translates into a love of learning.

Check out what’s happening!

Room 14 is our newest classroom, a school age room that opened in September 2018. This group is currently using readers from the curriculum Kids A-Z .  Each week, they work with a reader and an accompanying 5-day vocabulary lesson.

This weeks reader is called “I Love Pirates.” The students take turns reading pages of the reader and answering the questions. They are also given the opportunity to come up to the board to add to the teacher copy of the worksheets for their peers to copy the answers down.
These pictures are day 1 of the worksheets vocabulary words and drawing pictures to go with them.



Another favorite recent activity was analogies. Teachers note that the boys did a great job taking turns reading the book, then the questions then working together to fill in the analogies.

Excellent work, Room 14! We are so proud of you!

1/25/2019: Here’s how Room 11 is integrating science and literacy!

Room 11 has been working on  FABLES unit. The kids, all boys at this time. are really relating to the fables.  Fables teach life lessons in addition to being important in a literary sense.

They’ve also been incorporating other work into their unit. Other subjects that that this group of pre-tweens are interested in. One is Science.

Here’s a cool science experiment they did recently. It’s an extension of The Crow and the Pitcher.
The science experiment is one of water displacement. Students made predictions regarding the number of pebbles it would take to raise water to lines on cups.
Great work, Room 11!



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