LifeSong Volunteers at Crossroads Center for Children!

August 24, 2023

This blog-spot showcases our favorite group of volunteers, LifeSong Inc., with whom we have had a partnership since 2018. We are so blessed by the relationship we have with them, and by the amazing volunteer work that they accomplish at our school. Read below to learn more about LifeSong’s impact on our organization with stories from the past year. 

Painting | 8.24.23

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the amazing group of LifeSong volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to painting one of the classrooms yesterday. A fresh coat of paint enhances our learning environment and will make a significant impact, creating a vibrant and inspiring space for both students and teachers. Your willingness to roll up your sleeves, pick up brushes, and transform the classroom with fresh color and renewed energy is truly commendable.

A Special Read Aloud | 8.10.23

Yesterday, Nicole wowed two classrooms with a read-aloud of Lucy Paints a Picture, a book that was authored by her father, and illustrated by her sister. 

Nicole, an amazingly talented young woman who volunteers each week with LifeSong. She has her hands in the worlds of music, art, writing, and now, reading to young children and keeping them involved.

The book is an imaginative artistic journey with 6 year old Lucy and her desire to have a unicorn.

Lucy was very good artist. Drawing pictures everywhere, on everything, using anything to paint with. If a strawberry were available, then red paint could be had. A blueberry made the bluest blue sky. And Lucy had a vivid imagination. When she drew her pictures, her drawings came to life. Lucy, like all little girls, desperately wanted a unicorn of her very own.

— by Paul V Harris (Author), Erika K Mikulski (Illustrator)

As expected, the children attending, from Rooms 1 and 5, were enthralled! Thanks so much to Nicole for sharing her talents with Crossroads.

Building and Artistry | 7.5.23

It’s with great deal of gratitude that we share with you two projects that have been long term and which LifeSong has brought across the finish line! First, we have been working on a bench since last year around this time. The background of the bench is a story for another spot, but for now, it’s important to say that the painting of it was almost completed by many staff members here and needed a few finishing touches. However, when N. and M. went to finish it for us, they added features that made the bench even more amazing and loving than we’d envisioned. Yesterday, N. added one final image, a dove which is her original artwork. We love it, and it is perfect for this bench. Thank you, N.

The other project completed yesterday was this desk shelf. When furniture comes unassembled, the staff here don’t quite have the time to put it together, so we rely on the kindness of our volunteers to help with such things. This project was not going together easily, but yesterday, the group worked together and accomplished the task. It looks great and will help a classroom with organizing materials.


Compassion and Creativity – 6.28.23

We have nothing but heartfelt gratitude for LifeSong, for the wonderful dedication and tireless efforts in supporting our school week after week. They complete many jobs and tasks that allow Crossroads to achieve more.

Today, we were particularly inspired by the incredible work of two of the amazing volunteers, N. and M., showcased in the form of creative painting. The vibrant colors and imaginative designs have truly transformed a bench we’ve been working on and bringing it into the stage of almost completion. The bench now tell stories and shows the love we all hold in our hearts for a student who left us before his time last year around this time.

The Power of LifeSong – 4.19.23

Volunteering is all about giving back to the community, and that’s exactly what this team of volunteers does each week. When they come and spend their time at Crossroads, they also put their skills to great use. Recently, they have accomplished some projects which were very needed and appreciated. One was assembling an office chair, something that was a complex project and is now making a big difference to someone who spends hours sitting at a desk. Additionally, these volunteers organized our staff room, both the storage of healthy food program supplies, and our teacher library. They also recently carted down a hundred old signs from past golf tournaments, so that we can have them recycled. This freeing up of space might seem like a minor thing, but it can have a big impact on the overall organization of a space.

This team of volunteers demonstrates that every little bit counts when it comes to making a difference. Their efforts have undoubtedly made a positive impact on Crossroads, and they serve as an inspiration to others who want to make a difference as well

An Organized Space is a Happy Place! 3.24.23

Whenever LifeSong volunteers are here, they bring a pocket of sunshine with them, with their cheerful, helpful and positive manners. We are so lucky to have their partnership. Recently, they helped us organize teacher resources in our Staff Room. What was once a disorganized mess, now is neat, tidy and ready for team members to use.


Work Readiness! 3.7.23

We’ve been doubly blessed by the LifeSong program lately. J is a young man who is getting ready for employment, and has been coming in weekly to work on a variety of tasks, including copying, laminating, filing, distributing, updating iPads with apps wanted by team members, creating a list of machines in each room, and more. He is a wonderful guy who, in addition to being skilled and efficient, is fun-loving and has some interesting interests, such as The Walking Dead, and The Last of Us shows, and the Yankees. We enjoy having him here for one more week!


Decorating, Organizing and Delivering! 2.8.23

The LifeSong crew always gets so much done for us. They are truly amazing. Today they strung up the art from our Festival of Trees Christmas tree, the one we decorated with The Hungry Caterpillar art work. It looks amazing, and gives the students a new visual to talk about to teachers. They also wiped down our donated iPads with soft cleaning cloths, and made them look shiny and new. They sorted out the huge pile of construction paper by colors, making it easier for teachers to grab what they need. They delivered stock supplies to classrooms, AND straightened up our supply room.

What we would ever do without these wonderful people, we hope we never have to find out!

Air Purifiers! 12.21.22

We are always thankful to our LifeSong volunteers, and sometimes we are able to share with you what they’ve been working on here. Today, they unpacked a slew of brand new air purifiers which were kindly given to us by the Schenectady County Health Department. Then they delivered them and even brought the boxes – which were quite large – outside to the dumpster.  Each classroom and a few other spaces now have an air purifier to help keep us healthy and strong, and we are truly grateful for the work of this sweet and hardworking crew.

Refacing a Fridge! 9.29.22

We have a new fridge! At least in looks!

Thanks to our LifeSong crew for painting the refrigerator to make it look like new! It is a chalk paint meant to cover up marker and crayon marks made by children over the years. It took 3 coats and almost a whole school day, but it looks terrific!

Trimming off the sharp stuff! 9.15.22

We got to catch up with our outside crew this week! They have been keeping our gardens weeded and gorgeous all summer long, as well as adding mulch to the playground and garden beds, and even clipping back sharp branches off the trees. We are so very grateful for all of the LifeSong friends, including A (not pictured) who does not like to appear in photos, but is always working hard and getting jobs done. THANK YOU!

Painting Perfection! 8.31.22

We are constantly amazed by the help of our LifeSong volunteers, and today was extraordinarily amazing. Helping get the rooms ready for fall, several teachers have embarked on painting their classrooms. Today, LifeSong helped with the task of painting. Wow, what a difference a coat of paint makes!

LifeSong is Awesome, Inside and Out 7.7.22

The two LifeSong groups that volunteer at Crossroads are lovingly known here as LifeSong Inside, and LifeSong Outside, making reference to their respective areas of expertise and focus.

The Inside Group comes all year, helping with everything from organizing and tidying, to mailing, to delivering, and whatever else arises. The Outside Group comes in summer, and specializes in landscaping.

Yesterday, the landscapers working outdoors came bearing gifts. They planted the beautiful plants you see in the butterfly garden, and then proceeded to weed a large area of the vegetable garden and the butterfly garden.

Meanwhile, LifeSong Inside worked on reorganizing the library, getting it ready for students to return next week.

Both areas look absolutely amazing!

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