LifeSong Volunteers at Crossroads Center for Children!

July 11, 2019

7.11.19 LifeSong volunteers are lifeSAVERS!

From delivering new materials to the classrooms, to moving heavy items, the people who come from LifeSong to help us at our school do an awesome job. Today they also labeled CLYNK bags and organized in the library. Yesterday’s crew worked on mulch maintenance on the playground, sand removal from the back stairway, and some weeding in our raised garden beds. We are truly thankful for the help of this wonderful organization.

7.3.19 LifeSong volunteers, thank you for helping us with our grounds! 

The Outdoor LifeSong crew was here today, working hard on this hot day. They did a bit of trimming of the overgrown trees that were partially blocking our back stairway, making it safer and more visible for users. They also unloaded a truck full of mulch that was donated and delivered this morning by Tom Ciancetta, to whom we are also very thankful. Then they weeded on the playground and put down mulch in some of the areas that have gone a little bare since May when we re-mulched the climbing and swinging areas. Thank you! Don’t know what we’d do without this awesome help!

6.28.19  Life Song volunteers to the rescue! Again!

These people are truly the best!

This week, they made deliveries to the classrooms who had put in requests for supplies – those rooms are stocked and ready to go after the break!

Next they cleaned up and organized our library, which was in a state of disarray. In the library it can be super hard to put books and supplies away properly when small children are involved, making this help invaluable.

As if that wasn’t enough they also tackled a rather large copying and collating project. All this with smiles too. We’re so happy to have these wonderful folks here at Crossroads Center for Children.


5.28.19 Thank you, Life Song volunteers!

Our wonderful indoor group from Life Song worked on labeling envelopes, folding and inputting the letters and sealing the envelopes for the Golf Tournament mailing! What an enormous help! Thank you so much!

5.22.19 Life Song volunteers are great!

♥ The Life Song outside crew was seen sprucing up the playground mulch areas yesterday. They are such hard workers and do a wonderful job! In addition to maintaining the mulch, they also fixed a donated slide/climber and brought it to the area where the younger children love to play. They also pruned  back a tree near the building, so that we can get in and out to access the hose without getting scratched.

Thank you LifeSong!


4.23.29 Thank you for delivering our mulch!

Another group from LifeSong has begun! We were fortunate to have mulch donated from Schenectady County Recycle Center again this year and to have the Mulch Crew from LifeSong be able to pick it up for us and deliver it. Yesterday, this group made three trips back and forth to bring 3 yards of mulch! That should last our playground through the summer. We are so grateful and excited!

As if that wasn’t enough, the crew will be working here on our mulch and yards through the spring and summer, helping us to maintain the playground and gardens. This is a huge help to us, since we don’t have anyone employed in this regard and have long relied on pitching in from staff and volunteers.

Thank you, LifeSong! You are helping Crossroads greatly!


4.11.19 Thank you LifeSong Volunteers! Your help here is a life saver!

3/29/19: We appreciate our wonderful LifeSong volunteers!

Today’s work included delivering supplies to classrooms and helping to put together all of the favors for the Gala! Thank you so much. We appreciate all of you!


3/7/19: We appreciate our wonderful Organizers from LifeSong!

Today this group of excellent hard-workers tidied up our art and office supplies storage room! It looks awesome! Thank you all so very much for all you do for Crossroads!

2/21/19: Thank you LifeSong Volunteers!

Today’s group moved MANY heavy boxes of old records to a new storage space! They also helped us with our Gala mailing for parents! They are very hard-working individuals, and lots of fun to be around. Thank you for all of your great help!




1/31/19: Thank you LifeSong Volunteer Organizers! Today the group tackled our Library, getting things, sorted, coded and put away.

What an amazing job they are doing here! And such warm and sweet personalities to have around!

1/24/19: We are happy to welcome some new faces to Crossroads Center for Children’s volunteer program.

  LifeSong has recently begun a volunteer placement at Crossroads. LifeSong is a wonderful organization and we are thrilled to have these folks here to help us with organizing some of our spaces.
Here are just two of the gentlemen who are coming here each week; they are part of a larger group that is overseen by a Job Coach from LifeSong. This picture shows them in the Laundry Room, after completing an overhaul of the room. This room also serves us for storage, and now we can actually find things!


They’ve been moving, cleaning, organizing and labeling and it looks amazing!
LifeSong, we are so happy to have you here. Thank you for your kindness, inspiration, and organization help!



Interested in how to become a volunteer with us? Click this link to read about it:


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