Learning about who works in our community - a classroom theme that develops interest in work and people

April 09, 2018

Students at Crossroads learn about the world around them in countless ways. For instance, learning about community workers gives children understanding of the people in their communities, as well as their roles. This knowledge can lead to allowing unfamiliar people to help when it is needed, knowing who and how to ask for help, appreciating the work that people do, and even planning for future jobs for themselves someday.

Early on children learn to answer, “Who takes care of us when we’re sick?” Doctors. “Who keeps us safe?” Police Officers. “Who fights fires?” Fire Fighters. And so on. They learn to match workers to their commonly seen uniforms, such as a chef to a chef’s hat, or an artist to an easel. They learn to associate the worker and his or her workplace, as well as what activities or expectations might occur when interacting with those jobs, such as the fact that a visit to the dentist means a look inside of our mouths and will keep our teeth healthy, and that a visit from the postal carrier means that we might receive a letter or a card, and helps people communicate.

Children have many ways of expressing their learning. Teachers and therapists design great activities to help them express these connections, such as by pointing, cutting and pasting, verbally responding, reading and more.

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Here, in a recent lesson, Room 11 read the Mat Man Hats book from the Learning Without Tears curriculum used at Crossroads Center for Children. This awesome book for kids breaks down different jobs by their hats! Next children were led through matching different workers to their jobs, and making their own books to share with their families.

Here, Room 8 recently participated in an activity involving collage, using this matching activity for the students to put together tops and bottoms of the community workers.



There are lots of other ways our teachers and therapists connect students to their communities and success in lives.

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