Learning T in Room 3!

November 02, 2017

What words start with T?

That is the question in Room 3 during a lesson which involved several terrific activities.

The class used their iPad to do some video-modeling to find objects that start with T, which were written in turn on the white board. A catchy tune was sung, and objects were passed with turn-taking practiced, as well as practice sitting in a group.

There were also teeth in their own mouths that came into the conversation!

When the class transitioned to the table, each child being asked to respond to a qualifying T aspect he or she was wearing, there was a table activity to do together next.

Room 3 is one of the seven integrated preschool classrooms at Crossroads Center for Children. Like any daycare or nursery school classroom, children work on preschool academic and conceptual skills as well as social and life skills needed for success in the classroom and in life. So what’s different about Crossroads? There are several things. The level of adult supervision is one noticeable difference. Teachers and Teaching Assistants work in high ratios to guide and teach, working through individual needs in strategic ways, and with great consistency amongst the team.

The manner that skills are taught is different, too, since Crossroads Center for Children is an Applied Behavior Analysis program. Skills are broken down into sets and steps as are applicable for each student to make progress and enjoy success. And of course, many people also have been in awe of the level of caring and dedication that is evident and maintained by each and every staff person at the school, and the way that the staff carry out so many tasks with such positivity and grace.

So if you’re looking for a most excellent program, please check us out. Give a call to 280-0083 to inquire about a visit!

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