Learning in groups

June 08, 2018

Articles and research on group learning are prolific.

Learning with others benefits life-long success in many ways. Here at Crossroads, children work in groups throughout the day in each class. While there are also benefits of individual instruction for many students, here are some of the group activities that were recently caught on camera.

Here, children in Room13 participated in a music group. The kids listened and sang along to a song they know viewed on their classroom iPad. They watched the images, and then, as requested by their teacher, each child, one at a time, had a turn to select their preferred instrument from a basket of several.

A group of Room 8 students hammered away at frozen ice cubes to reveal a surprise dinosaur inside.

The group at the other table worked in their My First School Books on tracing letters and identifying words that start with the letter of the week.

In Room 12, students played an academic game to work on vocabulary, while another group worked on reading skills together.

Room 5 separated into small groups for sensory play centers. Out on the lawn they played in buckets. Some poured and measured with rice, while others painted with water.

A group of students in Room 6 voted on which play centers to bring out for the day. They identified some to be chosen from, then selected the day’s centers based on the voting process.


Cooperative learning is said to lead to success in education, college and the professional work world. Positive group experiences, in which children learn to work on common tasks together, model and act as modelers, take turns, share and otherwise work collaboratively, give our students the skills they need to be successful in life.


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