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May 19, 2020

A spot for honoring our students and their parents for learning at home during COVID-19.  

We are so proud of the many parents of the students we serve. You are working so hard to help your children keep their skills and move forward with their goals, during the most challenging of circumstances. Here, we want to share some of your stories. What is going well or terribly? How does learning at home look for your family?

Please email Vickir@crossroadcenter.org if you’d like to be featured here. You’ll be a source of encouragement and connection to others. We’ll just use first initials.

5.19.2020 We are happy to share “A”s family, with you today.

Meet “A” and his family.

Eager to learn, and eager to please, A is a happy, active Room 3 student whose parents are tag-teaming the teaching role. His mom, “M” tells of how challenging it has been. She is still working from home at this point but will soon need to go back to her office to work. She says she’s lucky to have her husband also working from home two weeks and then at his job two weeks for now and doesn’t know how they will work it out when the time comes. M says that the balance of being A’s teacher is a challenge, juggling the duties of getting online with the classroom and therapists, doing the activities, completing her own work, and then doing everything else you do to.

But M is definitely focused on making it work. “I hear some people saying that it’s not their job to teach their child. I’m like, yes, yes it is your job right now.”

What helps?

  • Keeping it fun.
  • Following a structure, a routine.
  • Using the resources and advice from the teachers.

M says she’s enjoying working with her son. She says that she’s found he does not have difficulty sitting and focusing. He loves his schoolwork, and loves receiving praise for his efforts. He works for a reinforcer at the end of a job well done, and he loves to follow a routine.

On the other hand, A misses the socialization of school. He misses being with other kids, and as an only child, M feels he really needs this aspect the most. She tells of how he’s been working on turn-taking, for example, and she sees how this skill-set is being addressed in the zoom classroom groups he attends.

Many thanks to M for sharing her thoughts and the awesome pictures, below. Thank you to the team of Room 3 for having us get to know this wonderful family!

5.14.2020 Today’s spotlight is on “C” and his family.

C is an adorable youngster who is part of Room 6 this year, and who enjoys school and has made many gains. This morning, Ms. Kelsi, BCBA pointed out how great a job C and his family are doing with the learning at home situation.

In a phone conversation with C’s mom, “A”, she acknowledged that it’s been hard adjustment from being a parent to being a parent and teacher. During the time at home, she says, she’s learned a lot about how to be his teacher and bout how he learns. She expressed gratitude for the teachers and therapists for giving a lot of help and advice about how best to work with him.

Here are some of the ways A is getting through this time. These are great bullets to share to help other parents when they are struggling:

  • Work in short periods. A says she’s found that C is much more successful when she doesn’t try to accomplish everything in one day, and works on activities a little at a time  rather than in longer periods.
  • Keep in a routine. A finds that when she keeps things as routine as possible, C does better and is happier.
  • Stay hopeful. A feels that C, along with many others will likely experience some regression. She has her fingers crossed for summer program, and is committed to doing what she can to keep him moving forward.

Many thanks to A for sharing her thoughts and her pictures of her beloved little guy with us today!

4.20.20 We want to honor another of our families today.

Meet “J”. J is a sweet, active learner who is missing school but working on skills and activities carried out at home. J recently had a birthday, and we saw him celebrating it on Facebook. His mom, “B” wrote the most beautifully worded message to her son and it brought some of us to tears. We salute B and “A,” J’s dad today for their hard work to make at-home learning a success!

B writes,

“Things are going well so far. Missing school. Trying my best to keep him busy. He loves to help me cook sometimes, loves painting , loves blowing bubbles, and loves his brother a lot!”

Thanks so much to Ms. Jena, J’s teacher, for obtaining permission and these adorable pictures to share.

4.17.2020 Today, we have a new story from “J.” Her son, “R” has been learning to wear a mask. She said it was important because she doesn’t want him to lose his community skills, so, among other things, she is making sure to get him out. Sometimes it’s to the garage with Dad, sometimes it’s four-wheeling, and sometimes it’s in the car for a ride.

Does “R” try to take it off? How is it working? Mom says that she says, “leave it” a lot, and gives tons of praise.

Thanks to this wonderful family for sharing with us all.


To all of the parents who are working through the current school closures, we salute you. The challenges that are presented by these unbelievable times are intense. We are are well aware of the exceptional hardships many of you have to manage right now. This blog spot is to honor Crossroads students and parents.
Here on this page, we hope to share many stories that parents send in to tell how it is going at home. Today we have a story shared by Mrs. Erin, Room 12’s teacher.
She expresses that her student, “M,” has been working hard all year on many skills, one major area being life skills. Sorting and matching colors and sizes is one goal that has been addressed as part of his school day this year. “M”‘s mom sent in this wonderful picture of how he is working on this skill at home by sorting socks.  Erin writes, “It’s an (individualized) life skills goal but something all could do for sorting and matching colors and sizes.” 
Many thanks to “M” and his parents, and to Erin for sharing your uplifting story. We are so very proud and inspired by the work being done and the coming together among the members of our community despite the severe challenges of learning at home. 


To all of the parents who are working through the current school closures, we salute you. These are incredibly challenging times, and we are well aware of the exceptional hardships many of you are managing.
This post is the first of hopefully many stories that will be shared by parents of our students. They will added here on this blog spot to honor Crossroads students and parents.
This story was shared by Ms. Kelsi, BCBA with permission from “J” and “D”, parents of “R” one of our school aged learners.
She writes,

I was hoping we could share some of these photos of the (family)’s homeschooling success.  (They have) worked to keep a consistent schedule consisting of his morning binder, daily living skills (e.g. dishes, vacuuming, dressing, cleaning, etc.) and afternoon car rides with his dog.  “R” and the family have worked hard to find simple and realistic consistency in a way that works for them while building practical skills along the way.  I wanted to honor the hard work they’ve done by sharing some info and ideas with others. Thanks!! Kelsi 

Updated 4.2.2020 – see below.

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Today, April 1st, begins Autism Awareness Month. This Guest Submission is in celebration of the families that know firsthand the struggles as well as the tremendous love and life lessons that come from caring for a person with autism. To love a person with autism is to learn to see the world in a new way; the experience making you both, simultaneously, a kinder, gentler person, and a fierce, unwavering advocate. I ask, for this April, for Autism Awareness Month, that you put yourself in the poetry of a moment of someone with autism. Experience the world in a new way. As the guest poster writes of this submission: "This pic just makes me want to be more like R. everyday. R. has no fear of the coronavirus. He lives life fearless and limitless." For more information about autism, please visit www.autismspeaks.org. #poetryinpeople #photoseries #autismawarenessmonth💙

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