Jobs at school teach life-long skills

August 20, 2019

In every classroom and therapy session students are learning the important foundation skills that are the building blocks for successful lives.

Life-long skills include job skills.
You might not think about it that often, but skills such as following an adult’s direction and carrying out a sequence are important beginnings to job skills and life skills. Being able to start and stop a task as instructed, or to report back to an instructor are skills that are being addressed continually in sessions and lessons, and these remain important throughout life including in the workplace later on. 
Sometimes it might seem easiest to clean up after a child, instead of reinforcing the ability to throw out his garbage after eating. It might seem helpful to get a tissue for a little one, rather than to teach her to get a tissue when her nose is running.  But it’s important to start replacing easier and doing for with self-help and ability as kids become ready. Learning to do one’s own laundry someday, or feed one’s own self, can only be goals if we’re willing to start teaching the smaller, simpler steps early on.
That’s why teachers and therapists at Crossroads Center for Children are giving students the means to pave the way to life-long success. They’re teaching students to carry through on more and more tasks that can build up each student’s repertoire of possibilities in the future.
Further, lots of classes have a time-slot in their daily schedule to actually do school jobs. Having a job to do at home, often called “chores” or at school can help students learn to grasp a sense of responsibility and pride in their work.

Here’s one example of a school job that many students at Crossroads – both preschool and school age – enjoy during the week. Feeding the fish.



Taking care of living things helps children to learn responsibility and compassion. The activity of fish-feeding serves as a school job as well as a reinforcer in different instances.



There are just about 50 guppies in the tank, a population that expands daily! Students enjoy putting the food in. Just a little bit on the spoon, so the fish don’t get sick from over-eating.


They love seeing the fish eat the food they’ve put in and knowing they’ve given it to them.



Now it’s your turn! What classroom jobs, or jobs at home do you think are leading to better life-long skills? We’d love to see your comments below! 

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