Integrated Pre-school - the way to go!

March 02, 2023

All classrooms at the preschool level at Crossroads follow a model of integration.

This means that children with both special and general education needs make up the classrooms together, working, playing and learning from one another throughout each and every day. It is a model that is well-backed by research, and which gives both sets of children extensive benefits, and which allows students to work and learn with all kinds of people, to grow together, help each other and learn from each other.

As our children participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences, with trained educators and therapists, they respond, react and learn from each other.  They observe and  model one another’s actions, words, faces and movements. They learn to understand and accept differences, and to appreciate them. They learn to help each other, to interact, and to behave in ways that lead to positive and functional outcomes.

Over the years, a great many of the parents whose children were students at Crossroads have reported back regarding their child’s success in kindergarten and beyond. Not only due to the strong school and academic readiness their kids obtained here, but also because of the safe and rich preparation social-emotionally and behaviorally. We have heard back from so many that their sons and daughters, whether with or without special needs, are doing well, thriving in their current communities. Adults now in several cases, many of our alumni students are working or in college. This is our overwhelming experience when we hear from parents after their child has grown and moved on.

A peek into our preschool classrooms gives you a glimpse of the future graduates. The adults of tomorrow. These examples are filled with activities in all domains of learning.

They are staffed with teachers, teaching assistants and therapists who provide modeling, guidance, and direction in a highly individualized manner.

Naturally the classrooms are filled  with active, eager, energetic, adorable, kids aged 2-5. They have a blast, learning, playing, making friends.

Someday down the road we’ll hear about these kiddos as we often do, how they just read a poem in front of their whole class, aced a math test, went to a sleepover for the first time, or started walking their elderly neighbor’s Labrador. We’ll hear that he was scared, but he sang a solo in chorus, that she was sad when her new school year took her away from last year’s best friend, that he was upset last week because he didn’t make the football team, but this week discovered cross country and is talking about a 5K in Syracuse. We’ll hear that she was excited about a junior high dance, and that he was able to help his little brother understand algebraic equations. These are the things we will hear.

But for now, they’re little. They’re soaking up everything. They’re gleeful and original and we relish this grand opportunity to impact on the future, every day.

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