Individualizing support and attention is integral to success

October 18, 2018

At Crossroads Center for Children, therapy sessions and classrooms all provide a myriad of exciting and enriching themes and activities. The importance of making learning activities interesting and engaging for the students is absolute, for sure.

But look more closely, and you will also notice that the level of individualized attention between instructors and students is exemplary.

Whether in a full-class table group,

or a Speech session,

or a Healthy Food Program activity,

or playing with a ball,

or having snack,

or playing with dolls,

or learning numbers,

or working on motor skills

or any of the other numerous parts of the day here……there is always an adult close by!

It’s just another one of the many reasons our students make progress with the important skills they are working on.

Crossroads Center for Children is located at 1136 North Westcott Rd, Schenectady, N.Y. with classrooms for students aged two to twelve years. We have children with and without special learning needs.
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