Individual attention, patience and consistency... just what kids need.

July 09, 2019

What parents and other family members often tell us they appreciate the very most about having their child at Crossroads is something you can actually see when you look at some of our classroom pictures.

What do you notice? Of course you see cute kids, right?


And awesome activities, lessons, settings created for the children, true?

But, what else in particular do you notice? Hint: What about the staff-to-student interactions?

You can recognize that the individual attention given to each and every child throughout his or her day here is truly remarkable, and that’s something that their families deeply value.

Children have different ways of learning.  That means that learning needs to be individualized if we want students to learn and make progress. Which we all do.  Here at Crossroads, students receive instruction in a very individualized manner, based upon assessment of how to best help them learn and make gains. Even within a group setting, with the same project to work on, children may be working on different pieces or skills, important for them right then.

Many family members have expressed that they feel that the level of attention that their child receives in school is the major ingredient of their child’s success. “Where my child was previously, they kind of just let him go,” one mother shared. “Here, his teachers all are paying attention to him. They are there for him. They give him redirection when he needs it and reinforce him when he’s doing something great. They help him learn how to be with other kids, how to pay attention. It’s really something we never saw before.”

This Mom is not alone. In fact, parents and school districts alike have shared that the focus on the children here, and on what each student needs is such an important factor to them.

The things that set Crossroads apart are the things that help the children make gains, learn skills, and go on to experience real success in their very real lives. Individual attention is provided for each child according to his or her needs. Consistency throughout the team – including the families – is the “rule of law,” and ABA methods are what the school stands on. Add to all of that a huge amount of patience and love – for the children and for each other – and dedication to the school itself.  That’s what many parents see when they choose a setting for their children that they can trust, both for safety and for progress with the skills that can be most challenging, but necessary in life.

So, when you look at our pictures, in addition to seeing the cuteness of the children and the creativity of the activities and lessons, you’ll also recognize the patience of the staff members, the attention to the student and what he or she is doing at the moment and how to get him or her to the next level in progressing towards his or her goals. And that’s what they need to be successful in life, one step at a time.

If you want to help children and families in need, you can make a real difference here. We would love to hear from you!

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