How Jessica and Stewart Friesen are racing for Autism Awareness and for real help for Crossroads Center for Children!

April 06, 2020

4.6.2020 HFR Sticker Sales to help Crossroads!

Jessica and Stewart Friesen have an online fundraiser to help our school! 

From the HFR Race For Autism Home page:
“This is the official HFR Racing For Autism Awareness Sticker.  100% of the proceeds from this sticker will go to the Crossroads Center for Children.”

Purchase your sticker here :

 Thank you to everyone who purchases one! Thank you to the Friesens and Halmar Friesen Racing for your awesome generosity in donating the proceeds from your sales to help our students and families!

1.2.2020 We’re excited to announce that Jessica and Stewart will be this year’s honorees at our annual Dare to be Different Gala!

“The Friesens have tapped into their special connections and platform to open up unique fundraising opportunities for us,” says Kelly Young, Executive Director. “What they have done for Crossroads and other families living with autism by increasing awareness and raising needed funds has been unprecedented. We are so grateful to the entire racing community and are pleased to honor Stewart & Jessica Friesen!” 

11.14.19 Their little boy is off to school closer to home, but Jessica and Stewart are still dedicated to Crossroads, and we’re thrilled!

Thanks to Jess and Stewart for doing yet another raffle, and raising $600 which came in a check for the school’s operating expenses just this week. We’re blessed by the support of this amazing family!

You can follow their exciting racing adventures on activities on facebook! We all do!

7.25.19   The Friesens are at it again, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

“Truly there are no words to describe the depth and awe of our appreciation for their help.”
This is a raffle, and there’s still time to enter.
There’s still time to enter, but it is running out! Stewart Friesen is raffling off a unique item from Syracuse Super Dirt Week racing history to help Crossroads. He is donating the proceeds of these sales to the school. This revenue is GREATLY needed to help fund our program. It will help children and families with autism and other developmental special needs that come here to learn skills and be successful in their lives. Skills that are individualized based on their particular needs. Skills to communicate, to perform self-care, to interact and play with others, and everything else imaginable.
Some people can never imagine some of the things our students and their families are struggling with. Some take for granted the inaccurate idea that all children learn the same way. Further, some people expect that governmental funds cover everything in schools, and thus aren’t concerned about the actual funding that is needed to operate a school that is doing something more specialized, for the kids that learn in a special way, such as Crossroads.
Some people are NOT the Friesens, for Jessica and Stewart have surely seen it differently. They have seen the enormous success of their beloved child because he received applied behavior analysis services (through Crossroads Center for Children’s Clinic) as soon as they identified that this was a need. They have seen the gap between our tuition-based revenue and our actual expenses. They know that there is a HUGE need for what we do here, and they support it whole-heartedly. They have an abundance of kindness, determination and leadership, and have jumped in at every turn to help us and to lead their amazing racing community to help us too. Now they’re doing a raffle and donating the proceeds to Crossroads.
“Crossroads is so blessed to have this amazing support from Stewart and Jessica Friesen, even more so as they have led countless others in the racing community to want to help too.”
We’re raffling off a rare, nostalgic piece of my Syracuse Super Dirt Week racing history for a great cause! Click below to enter to win my 2010 #99 358 door! Each chance to win is a $5.00 donation to Crossroads Center for Children. There are no limits on how many times you can enter. Big thanks to the guys at Buzz Chew Racing who owned my 2010 358 ride for offering this up! All proceeds benefit the Crossroads Center for Children. I’ll draw the winner at Pocono on 7/27! #HFR#raceforautism#autismawarenessThe cutoff to enter is midnight on Friday. The winner will be selected at Pocono on Saturday morning before the truck race and it will be done on Facebook live!


We cannot fully express the depth and extent of our gratitude to everyone who helped raise revenue for our school through this amazing event. We are blessed beyond measure.


There are many posts on Stewart Friesen’s Facebook page, and on ours as well for those looking for all that went on. To briefly summarize, the day started with activities for children and a scrumptious Chicken BBQ. The turnout was fantastic and there were many kind and hard-working volunteers to help. When it came time for racing, both Jessica and Stewart raced, and awed us all with their spectacular talents. We are beyond grateful for all they’ve done and led others to do for our school. We absolutely need money to do with students what they need, and are completely indebted to this racing community for coming together to help us serve them.

Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about Crossroads, see the school, or anything more that is of special interest to you.


7/9/19 Autism Awareness Night at The Fonda Speedway!

The Friesens and their friends are helping Crossroads once again! This coming Saturday One Zee Tees and Corr/Pak Merchandising are presenting Autism Awareness Night at The Fonda Speedway.  There’s a lot going on to make it a fun event for kids and families, including a Chicken BBQ to benefit our school.

We are greatly thankful for the outpouring of support from the Friesens and the entire racing crowd!

Hope to see you there!

5/8/2019   Print out the PRESS release Crossroads. Friesens. 2019

Re. Community Interest. Autism. Racing.

Crossroads Center for Children would like the entire community to share in expressing deep gratitude to Stewart Friesen, of Halmar Friesen Racing. Stewart and his wife Jessica created a huge fundraiser for Crossroads, raising $70,000 for the nonprofit organization.

During the entire month of April, in honor of Autism Awareness Month, the Friesens sold puzzle pieces to put on the truck that Stewart would be racing in Dover on May 3rd. Additionally, tee-shirts and stickers were sold. All of the proceeds from these sales were donated to Crossroads by the Friesens. Pictures of the truck and puzzle pieces can be found on Stewart’s Facebook page:

Stewart Friesen, “a native of Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, is a decorated standout of Dirt Modifieds and Sprint Cars with 256 victories in his dirt racing career stretching back to 1999.” He and Jessica are parents of Parker, an adorable little boy who is a student of Crossroads Center for Children.

Last Friday, May 3rd, Stewart presented Kelly Young, Executive Director for Crossroads Center for Children, with a $70,000 donation, from this fundraiser. Money is greatly needed at Crossroads. Although they do receive some funds in the form of tuition payments, this money does not cover the extensive expenses of running a successful and effective educational program and providing individualized applied behavior analysis programming throughout the entire school. In order to ensure that all of the young students learn the skills they need to become fully productive citizens within their homes, schools and communities, Crossroads must rely on financial support from the community in the way of fundraising, donations, and grants. This donation signifies the largest contribution received by the school in its twenty years of operation.

Stewart may have come in 12th at Dover last Friday, but for Crossroads, he is absolutely number 1. “It was kind of a frustrating race since our HFR Race for Autism Silverado was loose much of the race and we didn’t get the finish we wanted. On the bright side, we raised over $70,000 for the Crossroads Center for Children, so it was a win for them and that will go a long way helping them with technology, teaching materials and keeping an amazing environment for so many kids in our community.” Crossroads asks the community to please join them in thanking Stewart, his wife Jessica, the Halmar Friesen team, and all of the supporters who purchased puzzle pieces, stickers, tees and made donations to raise this money for the school.

Recap from the Dover race, from Stewart’s Facebook page:

Dover Recap: Stewart Friesen, No. 52 HFR Race for Autism Chevrolet Silverado

START: 4th FINISH: 12th POINTS: 3rd

– Stewart Friesen drove a special HFR Race for Autism Silverado at Dover and raised over $70,000 for the Crossroads Center for Children where his son, Parker, attends school.

– Friesen dealt with a loose truck much of the race and fought for his 12th-place finish after qualifying fourth earlier in the day.

– Friesen is currently third in the point standings, 11 points out of first.

ABOUT HALMAR FRIESEN RACING Halmar Friesen Racing competes full-time in the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series with driver Stewart Friesen. More information can be found at and 1136 North Westcott Rd. Schenectady, NY 12306 (518) 280-0083

ABOUT CROSSROADS CENTER FOR CHILDREN Crossroads Center for Children, of Schenectady, New York, is a not-for-profit school where young children with autism spectrum disorders learn and grow alongside their more typically developing peers.

MISSION STATEMENT: To prepare individuals with and without developmental disabilities for life success within their family and community.

PHILOSOPHY: Crossroads Center for Children utilizes interventions from the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a branch of psychology and education with a foundation based on scientific analysis of human behavior and learning.

For more information please visit or call the school at (518) 280-0083 and ask to speak to Kelly Young, Executive Director.



Stewart and Jessica Friesen, and Halmar-Friesen Racing have raised $70,000 for Crossroads!

Thank you to each person who supported Stewart and Jessica Friesen’s fundraiser for Crossroads Center for Children – truly we can never thank you enough for what you all have done for the school. You are supporting an incredibly important mission; we can’t do the work that helps the children here without a huge amount of support from our community. This is an absolute and amazing gift that you’ve given.  

“Thank you once again to everyone who contributed in some way to make today possible! We appreciate everyone’s generosity and commitment to making a difference!” Stewart Friesen

Stewart Friesen,  you are our champion and an amazing person. You and Jessica have brought such exposure to our essence and mission. The money you’ve raised because people believe in you is nothing short of a miracle here. You’ve introduced them to us. We can never, ever thank you enough.

Go to Stewart’s Facebook page our Facebook page to see what you’ve missed! Be sure to like, comment and share while you’re there!


GO STEWART video by room 11


The big race is this week! We’re so excited!

Jessica and Stewart Friesen are tearing up the track for autism awareness with this fundraiser. The puzzle pieces they are selling to put on the truck that will race in Dover are absolutely beautiful! The shirts, stickers and other items being sold to raise money are exquisite.

The outpouring of support is amazing. The money they are raising will be donated to Crossroads. We are deeply thankful to every single person who is contributing to this extraordinary revenue builder, to the Friesens and Halmar Racing for leading the way.

Please follow our Facebook page as we are trying to share their posts as much as possible. Better yet – follow Stewart Friesen’s Facebook page !

Remember to cheer him on!

Stewart Friesen and Halmar Friesen Racing are helping Crossroads again!

Recently, Stewart Friesen auctioned off a weekend of racing. It was done entirely on their Facebook page! The high bidder won an exciting adventure he’ll never forget.

If you follow Crossroads on Facebook, you’re probably aware of this awesome support of our school.

Additionally and still available are opportunities to purchase puzzle pieces with your name on them. The

se will be put on the truck he’ll be driving in his upcoming race in Dover. You can also purchase tee shirts and other merchandise. The proceeds will benefit Crossroads.

Here is the link to order:

Please visit Stewart Friesen’s Facebook page to follow this awesome fundraiser!  Be sure to read the Freisen’s amazing story! 

Thank you for the wonderful support!


June 7, 2018

Exciting news to share!

We’ve just learned that on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Stewart Friesen will drive the legendary C.D. Coville #61 DKM Cyclone in the Jack Johnson / C.D. Coville Tribute race at Albany Saratoga Speedway. DKM, C.D. Coville, Stewart Friesen, Halmar International, and John Ray & Sons are teaming up to raise money to donate to Crossroads Center for Children! We’re deeply thankful for this huge generosity!

Click below to see the details and description of their fundraiser, and buy a chance to win the left side of a historical racecar!

Own a piece of dirt racing history and help the Crossroads Center for Children:

LifeSong Volunteers at Crossroads Center for Children!Task Analysis