Honorary and Tribute Gifts

December 01, 2022

Honorary and Tribute Gifts

The loss of a loved one is probably the hardest thing any of us have to face in life. We understand the struggles, both practically and emotionally.

One of the dearest ways many people honor their loved one is by asking friends and family to donate to a favorite cause, in lieu of flowers. When people to this for Crossroads, we are always grateful for the blessing of the thoughtfulness and meaning involved.

These donations are instrumental in serving our students and families. We have been able to do more here because of this help.

A new opportunity to help us save for the unknowns of the future is our REMEMBRANCE FUND.

If you are at this point in your life, some sample text follows that you can adapt and use to distribute at your gathering of loved ones, or electronically, or place at the Funeral Home.  Just copy/ paste and print out index-sized cards to place at the Funeral Home.

Dear friends and family, Thank you for celebrating with us today. We ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Crossroads Center for Children. Crossroads is a nonprofit organization serving children with special needs, and their work is important to us.  Donations can be mailed to Crossroads Center for Children, 1136 N. Westcott Rd. Suite 100, Schenectady, NY 12306 or made online at http://crossroadcenter.org/donate-to-crossroads/.  

Please include a note that your gift is in tribute to (name of the deceased). Crossroads will let us know of your donation in (his/her) name.  Indicate if you’d like your gift designated to their current fund needs ____ or a new fund for the unknowns of the future, the REMEMBRANCE FUND _____. 

— You

Or download a template out here.Cards for funeral home.

Thank you for your consideration, and with sympathy for your loss. Please reach out to Vickir@Crossroadcenter.org with any questions.

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