Henry E. Niles Foundation's grant will strengthen education at Crossroads Center for Children.

December 07, 2018

Thank you, Henry E. Niles Foundation, for the grant for our school!

HENRY E. NILES FOUNDATION, INC. ‘s website homepage states what their aim is: “Nurturing & Uplifting Those in Need.”

They certainly have uplifted Crossroads Center for Children, recently sending a $2,500 check to support the school’s work with children.

Found on their website, the mission of the Henry E. Niles Foundation is to help in the nurturing and uplifting of people in need. The Foundation strives to support humanitarian efforts, including faith-based endeavors, that: 

  • strengthen education including special education, literacy and others
  • fight economic hardships through self-help opportunities
  • enhance public health and sanitation on a global basis

As our community is well aware, these three targets have found their mark at Crossroads.

Further, the work at Crossroads align well with the program interests of the foundation, which include: 

Primary Program Interests

  • Education – Included in this interest area are primary, secondary and higher education for those motivated individuals who are unable to obtain the benefits of quality education without assistance.
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency – This program area includes but is not limited to:  job training, the encouragement and support of entrepreneurialism, mentoring, and micro-credit initiatives.
  • Health & Independence – Special interests here include medical and public health assistance for the elderly, the poor, the disadvantaged and the disabled.


Crossroads is delighted and honored to be a Henry E. Niles Foundation grant recipient! Thank you!

Join the Henry E. Niles Foundation in making a difference that will last a child’s lifetime.


to Crossroads Center for Children
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