Help us move forward.

September 15, 2020

These past months have been ones of ongoing concern and worry. We at Crossroads sincerely hope for the health and safety of you and all your loved ones.

COVID-19 has shaken up the world, and so many things have become beyond challenging. Many things paused or stopped back in March but developmental disabilities such as autism did not.  At Crossroads Center for Children, we quickly transitioned to remote services back in March, and kept our promise to help our students and their families. Thankfully, many of you made donations and we were able to make it through financially.  We definitely struggled starting with Day 1 of schools being closed, but at this time we’re so happy to express gratitude, because we’ve just made it through a successful in-person Summer Session, and have begun the Fall Session.

Help us move forward.

Donations are always a huge part of our revenue used to run the school and provide our children and families with what they need. Now more than ever, help is needed to meet the demands of heightened expenses for sanitation, hygiene, health monitoring, and technology. If you can help at this time or any time during the year, please know you are making an enormous difference in the lives of the children here.

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